Outreach Program

General Information

The City College Outreach Department provides numerous services to both prospective and current students. Our primary function is to serve as the college's liaison to local High Schools within our service area.  We develop strategies and implement programs designed to assist prospective students in making a seamless transition from high school to college.  In addition to serving as a liaison to our feeder high schools, we also participate in community events, campus orientations/events, and have developed key program partnerships.

Feeder High schools

  • Crawford
    • I. School of IDEA
    • II. School of MVAS
    • III. School of CHAMPS
    • IV. School of Law & Bus
  • Lincoln
    • I. School of Arts
    • II. School of Public Safety
    • III. School of Science & Engineering
    • IV. School of Social Justice
  • Hoover

  • Morse

  • San Diego High
    • I. School of business
    • II. School of Communication
    • III. School of International Studies
    • IV. School of LEADS
    • V. School of Science & Engineering
    • VI. School of Arts

  • Garfield