• For a life or limb-threatening emergency on campus, call 9-911 from any regular campus telephone. Call 911 directly when using a campus pay phone or cell phone.
  • ALSO contact College Police Dispatch at 388-6405. You do not need to memorize this number, IT IS THE RED LETTERS ON YOUR CAMPUS PHONE. You can also program this number into your cell phone to reach College Police Dispatch quickly while on campus.
  • REMEMBER TO DO BOTH! Call 911 and College Police Dispatch.
  • It is important to call both because College Police are the FIRST RESPONDERS for campus emergencies. They patrol our campus and know how to dispatch help to various campus locations. They are CPR certified and have defibrillator (AED) access. They help the paramedics locate the victim, and can assist in transport of the victim to an appropriate medical facility.
  • Please do not delay the appropriate emergency response by calling or going to Student Health Services, the City Campus Police Offices, the College Police Business Office, or the Nursing Department. Any of these actions wastes precious time and will delay the appropriate emergency response of calling 911 and College Police Dispatch.
  • All incidents should be reported to Student Health Services. When appropriate, an accident report can be completed so the student is covered under the District Accident Insurance Coverage. This minimizes costs incurred by the student when an accident has occurred on campus.
  • Please call SHS at ext. 3450 if you have any questions.

Remember to call 911, or 9-911 from a campus phone, and then Police Dispatch at 388-6405