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The Student Transition Services is the focal point of transfer/career services and activities on campus. We serve as a resource center for students to become experts of their transfer and career goals.

Our mission is to assist students to successfully transition from San Diego City College to a four year institution or immediately into the career of their choice. We offer assistance to students in the transfer and career process to ensure a smooth and positive transition. 

Student Transition Services has a myriad of resources geared towards transfer and career.                                        

Come visit us at  M-101.

Transfer Services Include:                                             Career Services Include:                              

   ·   Transfer workshops                                                    ·   Resume/cover letter

        ·   Transfer fairs                                                              ·   Job search
        ·   Connection to college representatives                       ·   Career preparedness & internship opportunities

        ·   Campus tours                                                            ·   An annual Job Fair/Career EXPO

        ·   A library of catalogs and college publications           ·   Career workshops

        ·   Knowledge on important dates and deadlines            ·   Details on current employment trends, in-demand

        ·   Information on CSU’s, UC’s, and  private colleges     ·   Access to Computer software for career and job search

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