Computer Information Systems

Program Description

City College offers transfer and certification programs in the Computer Information Systems (Information Technology) field. These programs include computer literacy; application, web, and database programming; database administration; and a variety of vendor specific and vendor neutral industry-standard certification training. The roles of the various information system professionals are to design, implement, operate, and maintain a computer information system. This system can be based on a large central mainframe computer serving hundreds of users or a small personal microcomputer on a desk. These professionals also provide services in the networking areas such as systems engineers, systems administrators, and networks specialists.

Program Emphasis

The Information Technology department's goals includes transfer and vocational programs including industry standard certifications. The Information Technology department offers Certificates of Performance, a Certificate of Achievement and an Associate Degree option.

Careers options

Some careers in the Information Technology field require education beyond the associate degree in either Business, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, Electronics, or Computer and Information Sciences. Careers in the Information Technology field include: computer consultant, help desk technician, instructional lab technician, sales specialist in computer hardware and software, support technician, computer assembler, systems integrator, network administrator, network specialist, systems engineer, systems administrator, database professionals, and web designers. Most careers in the field of Information Decision Systems require education beyond the associate degree. Careers include: applications programmer, computer operator, database administrator, maintenance programmer, programmer/analyst, and systems analyst.