Graphic Design


Living in an information-seeking society, we are surrounded by words and pictures. It is the task of the graphic designer to research, analyze, organize and make artistic order out of chaos. Graphic design students must learn to speak a global visual language and develop an awareness of the meanings and power of symbols and words. The products and services they design and promote will make a social and ecological impact.

Program Emphasis

Early emphasis is on the design process, form, color and typography. The elements and principles of design are applied to projects which include identity and branding, multi-page collateral, and packaging. Guided by instructors who are working designer professionals, students learn to design for the real world. They make decisions about issues of concept, format, imagery, type, printing and methodology. Computer and traditional methods are used to solve graphic problems. The program culminates in a professional portfolio which can be used to continue studies to a four-year university or to obtain employment. The portfolio is critiqued by professional designers at the American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego portfolio review.

program goals

The main goal of the Graphic Design program is to to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to produce a portfolio in design for employment or university admission requirements. 

Career Options

Some careers in graphic design-related work require education beyond the associate degree. This list is not all-inclusive: advertising designer, art director, environmental graphic designer, graphic designer, type designer, illustrator, magazine/editorial designer, multimedia designer, web page designer.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  • Research, analyze, organize and formulate artisticorder out of chaos.
  • Recognize and speak a global visual languageand demonstrate an awareness of the meaningsand power of symbols and words.
  • Design products and services that will make asocial and ecological impact.
  • Apply elements and principles of design toprojects that include packaging, magazineproduction, and design and production ofposters, logos and brochures.
  • Formulate decisions about issues of concept,format, imagery, type, printing and methodology.
  • Use Computer and traditional methods to solvegraphic problems.
  • Create a professional portfolio that can be used topursue studies to a four-year university or obtainemployment.