Labor Studies

Award TYpeUnits
Certificate of Performance:
History and Politics of American Labor 6
Labor Law 5
Shop Steward Specialist 8
Certificate of Achievement:
Labor Studies18
Associate in Science Degree: 
Labor Studies24*

*and courses to meet graduation requirements, general education and electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree.


The Labor Studies program provides students a sound foundation in the law, history, culture, politics, institutions, and contemporary issues of American work life. Students will gain a comprehensive introduction to the role and contributions of organized labor to American society, a thorough grounding in the rights of employees on the job, and specialized training in the skills necessary to be an effective leader in labor unions or in other contexts for labor-management relations.

Program Emphasis

The Labor Studies program offers a Certificate of Achievement in Labor Studies which provides shop stewards as well as union organizers and officers the skills needed to qualify for and to be effective in their positions. Students can also pursue the Associate of Science degree in Labor Studies.

Career Options

The program is designed to train union representatives, members of unions, labor leaders, industry coordinators and others interested in pursuing a career in labor relations.