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 Seeds @ city urban farm

Seeds@City Urban Farm is a one-acre working farm located in the heart of downtown San Diego that also serves as the outdoor classroom for the Sustainable Urban Agriculture program at San Diego City College. We train young, urban farmers while growing nutritious food for our community, encouraging self-reliance and a thriving local economy.

At Seeds@City you can:
  • Work toward a career-tech certificate in Sustainable Urban Agriculture to boost your career options or start your own business
  • Complete an Associate Degree in Sustainable Urban Agriculture for transfer to a university
  • Take urban agriculture classes for your personal development
  • Get your hands dirty as a volunteer (we encourage both one-time and regular volunteers)
  • Enjoy a beautiful, working farm right on campus
  • Purchase local seasonal produce at our weekly Thursday farm stand on campus *during the academic year only
  • Become a shareholder in our weekly community supported agriculture (CSA) program and take home a bag of fresh seasonal produce every Thursday 
Want to support the farm?
In order to sustain our farm––our AGRI program's outdoor classroom––funding is needed to continue to provide high-quality, year-round crop production and maintenance, as well as to purchase seeds, supplies, and other farming equipment and tools on an ongoing basis.  To meet the student demand for classes in our one-of-a-kind sustainable urban agriculture program additional funding is needed.
CLICK HERE to find out how you can support Seeds@City!

Want to volunteer?
Visit our volunteer page to get all the details, or sign up via the button below. Closed-toed shoes and a 2-hour minimum are required.

Where are we?
The main Seeds@City farm is located at San Diego City College at the corner of 14th and C Streets between Saville Theater and the LRC, just below Curran Plaza. Visit THIS PAGE to view a map. Parking is free on Saturdays.

Check out the Main farm, Seeds@City OrchardSeeds@City flower site and the Greenhouse pages for more information about our campus farm.

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Seeds @ City Urban Farm would not be possible without the continual support of the San Diego City College Foundation.

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The urgent need for new farmers

The average age of a US farmer is 59 years old. 15% of the world's food is currently currently grown in cities. According to UN projections, 2/3 of the world's population will be living in cities by 2030. We need more urban farmers to meet the growing need for food and to ensure local food security.

The USDA projects that "the agricultural, food, and renewable natural resources sectors of the U.S. economy will generate an estimated 54,400 annual openings in food, renewable energy, and environmental specialties between 2010 and 2015." And, relevant to our program, among the priority occupations are:
  • Crop Management Consultant
  • Land Use Manager
  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Organic Agriculture Entrepreneur
  • Renewable Energy Crop Producer
  • Restoration Forester
  • Seed Producer

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