Are you interested in environmental ethics, economic and social justice, climate change solutions, ecology, and living sustainably on our planet? The sustainability program may be for you!

Students at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
The Sustainability Program offers an interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical approach for students to enter into academic and/or professional fields related to Sustainability. The central focus of the degree is the interface of human and natural systems. The curriculum emphasizes the study of cultural, historical, social, economic, and political values and forces that shape resource use and constrain responses to sustainable development. Students gain skills to critically analyze current global affairs in order to offer alternative solutions to create sustainable societies.



Associate of Arts Degree: Sustainability (click for links to catalog)

 BIOL 101 field trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Spring 2019

Career Opportunities

Most career options directly related to Sustainability require a four-year degree. A degree in sustainability may allow you to work in: industry; consultancy; regulatory agencies; utilities; academia; local, state, or federal government; a non-profit organization; or a non-governmental organization depending on your interest and your desired academic and professional path.


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Erin Rempala, Life Sciences Department Chair
Phone: 619.388.3712
Office: S-311Q