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Tuesday, Feb. 9
M.Tennisat Cypress2 PM
W.Tennisat Cuyamaca2 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 10
M.Basketballvs Cuyamaca5 PM
W.Basketballat MSJC5 PM
Thursday, Feb. 11
M.Tennisat MSJC2 PM
W.Tennisvs MSJC2 PM
Friday, Feb. 12
Softballvs Napa
MSJC Tourney
Softballvs Ventura
MSJC Tourney
2 PM
Baseballat Victor Valley2 PM
M.Basketballvs Mesa5 PM
W.Basketballvs Palomar7 PM
Saturday, Feb. 13
Softballvs Chaffey
MSJC Tourney
Baseballat Barstow11A
Softballvs Desert
MSJC Tourney
Baseballat Barstow2 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 16
M.Tennisvs Palomar2 PM
W.Tennisat Palomar2 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 17
Softballvs Mesa3 PM
M.Basketballat Imperial Valley5 PM
W.Basketballvs Imperial Valley5 PM
M.Volleyballat El Camino6 PM
Thursday, Feb. 18
M.Tennisat Mesa2 PM
W.Tennisvs Mesa2 PM
Friday, Feb. 19
BadmintonGrossmont Tourney10A
Baseballvs West L.A.11A
Softballat Imperial Valley1 PM
Baseballvs West L.A.2 PM
M.Volleyballat Cal Lutheran3 PM
M.Basketballat Southwestern5 PM
W.Basketballvs Grossmont5 PM
Saturday, Feb. 20
Softballat Golden West12P
Softballat Desert2 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 23
Baseballat Compton2 PM
M.Tennisat Imperial Valley2 PM
W.Tennisat Imperial Valley2 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 24
Softballat MSJC3 PM
M.Volleyballat LATTC6 PM
Thursday, Feb. 25
M.Tennisat Grossmont2 PM
W.Tennisvs Grossmont2 PM
Friday, Feb. 26
Badmintonvs Irvine Valley2 PM
M.Volleyballvs Long Beach6 PM
Softballat Citrus6 PM
Saturday, Feb. 27
Baseballvs Mesa12P
Wednesday, Mar. 2
Badmintonat Grossmont3 PM
Softballvs Southwestern3 PM
M.Volleyballat Grossmont6 PM
Thursday, Mar. 3
Baseballat Imperial Valley2 PM
M.Tennisat Bakersfield2 PM
W.Tennisvs Cuyamaca2 PM
Friday, Mar. 4
Badmintonat Mesa2 PM
Softballvs Palomar3 PM
M.Tennisat Victor Valley2 PM
W.Tennisat Bakersfield3 PM
M.Volleyballat Irvine Valley6 PM
Saturday, Mar. 5
Softballvs LA Mission9 AM
W.Tennisat Victor Valley9 AM
Softballvs Long Beach11A
Baseballat Grossmont12P
Tuesday, Mar. 8
Baseballat Southwestern2 PM
M.Tennisvs MSJC2 PM
W.Tennisat MSJC2 PM
Wednesday, Mar. 9
Softballat Grossmont3 PM
M.Volleyballat Mesa6 PM
Thursday, Mar. 10
Baseballvs MSJC2 PM
M.Tennisat Palomar2 PM
W.Tennisvs Palomar2 PM
Friday, Mar. 11
BadmintonMesa Tourney10A
Softballat Mesa3 PM
M.Volleyballvs Golden West6 PM
Saturday, Mar. 12
Baseballvs Palomar12P
Tuesday, Mar. 15
M.Tennisvs Mesa2 PM
W.Tennisat Mesa2 PM
Wednesday, Mar. 16
Softballvs Imperial Valley1 PM
M.Volleyballat Orange Coast6 PM
Thursday, Mar. 17
Baseballvs Mesa2 PM
M.Tennisat Imperial Valley2 PM
W.Tennisvs Imperial Valley2 PM
Friday, Mar. 18
Badmintonat Irvine Valley2 PM
Baseballat Mesa2 PM
Softballvs MSJC3 PM
M.Volleyballvs Miramar6 PM
Tuesday, Mar. 22
W.Tennisvs Orange Coast2 PM
Wednesday, Mar. 23
M.Volleyballat Palomar6 PM
Thursday, Mar. 24
M.Tennisvs Mt. SAC2 PM
Friday, Mar. 25
Softballat Southwestern3 PM
M.Volleyballvs Grossmont6 PM
Monday, Mar. 28
M.Volleyballvs Mesa6 PM
Tuesday, Mar. 29
Baseballat Imperial Valley2 PM
M.Tennisvs Grossmont2 PM
W.Tennisat Grossmont2 PM
Wednesday, Mar. 30
Badmintonvs Grossmont3 PM
Softballat Palomar3 PM
M.Volleyballvs Irvine Valley7 PM
Thursday, Mar. 31
Baseballvs Imperial Valley2 PM
Friday, Apr. 1
Badmintonvs Mesa2 PM
Baseballvs Imperial Valley2 PM
Tuesday, Apr. 5
Baseballvs Grossmont2 PM
Softballvs Grossmont3 PM
Wednesday, Apr. 6
Badmintonvs Grossmont3 PM
Softballvs Mesa3 PM
M.Volleyballat Golden West6 PM
Thursday, Apr. 7
Baseballat Grossmont2 PM
M.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
W.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
Friday, Apr. 8
M.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
W.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
Softballat Imperial Valley1 PM
Baseballvs Grossmont2 PM
M.Volleyballvs Golden West6 PM
Saturday, Apr. 9
M.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
W.TennisPCAC TourneyTBA
Softballat Barstow1 PM
Softballat Barstow3 PM
Tuesday, Apr. 12
Baseballvs Southwestern2 PM
Wednesday, Apr. 13
Badmintonat Grossmont3 PM
Softballat MSJC3 PM
M.Volleyballat Miramar6 PM
Thursday, Apr. 14
Baseballat Southwestern2 PM
Friday, Apr. 15
Baseballvs Southwestern2 PM
Badmintonat Mesa3 PM
M.Volleyballvs Palomar6 PM
Tuesday, Apr. 19
Baseballat MSJC2 PM
Wednesday, Apr. 20
M.TennisOjai TourneyTBA
W.TennisOjai TourneyTBA
Softballvs Southwestern3 PM
Thursday, Apr. 21
M.TennisOjai TourneyTBA
W.TennisOjai TourneyTBA
Baseballvs MSJC2 PM
Friday, Apr. 22
Softballvs Palomar3 PM
Saturday, Apr. 23
Baseballat MSJC12P
Tuesday, Apr. 26
Baseballat Palomar2 PM
Softballat Grossmont3 PM
Thursday, Apr. 28
Baseballvs Palomar2 PM
Friday, Apr. 29
Baseballat Palomar2 PM
2015-16 RECORDS
Sport OverallPCAC
Badminton 0-00-0
Baseball 0-30-0
M. Basketball 18-74-0
W. Basketball
M. Soccer
W. Soccer 2-18-12-5-1
M. Tennis 2-40-0
W. Tennis 0-20-0
M. Volleyball 3-00-0
W. Volleyball 11-117-9
Badminton ---
Baseball ---
M. Basketball 1st of 5
W. Basketball
4th of 8
M. Soccer
3rd of 7
W. Soccer 4th of 5
M. Tennis ---
W. Tennis ---
M. Volleyball ---
W. Volleyball 5th of 9

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    mission statement

     While relentlessly pursuing scholastic and athletic excellence we will maximize, improve, and maintain a comprehensive intercollegiate sports program that facilitates the matriculation of student-athletes under the guidelines of the PCAC and the CCCAA.

    We are committed to protecting the welfare of prospective and current student-athletes and feel that their participation in intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of their overall educational maturation. This experience must, at all times, exemplify honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.