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Tuesday, Sept 26
M.Soccerat MiraCosta1 PM
W.Soccerat Southwestern3 PM
Wednesday, Sept 27
W.Volleyballvs MSJC5 PM
Thursday, Sept 28
W.Volleyballvs Desert5 PM
Friday, Sept 29
W.XCDowney Classic
at Morley Field
11 A
M. XCDowney Classic
at Morley Field
12 P
M.Soccerat Southwestern3 PM
W.Soccervs Mesa3 PM
Tuesday, Oct 3
W.Soccerat Cuyamaca3 PM
Wednesday, Oct 4
W.Volleyballat Southwestern5 PM
Friday, Oct 6
W.XCvs Imperial Valley
at Morley Field
2 PM
M. XCvs Imperial Valley
at Morley Field
2 PM
M.Soccervs Imperial Valley1 PM
W.Soccervs Palomar3 PM
W.Volleyballat Cuyamaca5 PM
Tuesday, Oct 10
M.Soccerat Cuyamaca3 PM
W.Soccerat MSJC3 PM
Wednesday, Oct 11
W.Volleyballat Imperial Valley5 PM
Friday, Oct 13
M. XCSBVC Inv.10 A
M.Soccerat San Bernardino3 PM
W.Soccervs Desert3 PM
W.Volleyballvs Mesa5 PM
Tuesday, Oct 17
M.Soccervs Palomar3 PM
W.Soccerat San Bernardino3 PM
Wednesday, Oct 18
W.Volleyballvs Grossmont5 PM
Friday, Oct 20
M.Soccerat Desert3 PM
W.Soccervs Miramar3 PM
W.Volleyballvs Southwestern5 PM
Tuesday, Oct 24
W.Soccervs MiraCosta1 PM
M.Soccerat Mesa7 PM
Wednesday, Oct 25
W.Volleyballvs Cuyamaca5 PM
Friday, Oct 27
2 PM
3 PM
W.Soccervs MiraCosta1 PM
M.Soccervs MiraCosta3 PM
W.Volleyballvs Imperial Valley5 PM
Tuesday, Oct 31
W.Soccervs Imperial Valley1 PM
M.Soccervs Southwestern3 PM
Wednesday, Nov 1
W.Volleyballat Mesa5 PM
Friday, Nov 3
M.XCSoCal Regional11 A
W. XCSoCal Regional11 A
W.Soccervs Southwestern3 PM
W.Volleyballat Grossmont3 PM
Tuesday, Nov 7
M.Soccerat Imperial Valley3 PM
W.Soccerat Mesa7 PM
Friday, Nov 10
W.Soccervs Cuyamaca1 PM
M.Soccervs Cuyamaca3 PM
2017-18 RECORDS
Sport OverallPCAC
Badminton 0-00-0
Baseball 0-00-0
M. Basketball 0-00-0
W. Basketball
M. Soccer
W. Soccer 4-3-11-1
M. Tennis 0-00-0
W. Tennis 0-00-0
M. Volleyball 0-00-0
W. Volleyball 9-10-0
Badminton ---
Baseball ---
M. Basketball ---
W. Basketball
M. Soccer
W. Soccer ---
M. Tennis ---
W. Tennis ---
M. Volleyball ---
W. Volleyball ---

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mission statement

 While relentlessly pursuing scholastic and athletic excellence we will maximize, improve, and maintain a comprehensive intercollegiate sports program that facilitates the matriculation of student-athletes under the guidelines of the PCAC and the CCCAA.

We are committed to protecting the welfare of prospective and current student-athletes and feel that their participation in intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of their overall educational maturation. This experience must, at all times, exemplify honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.