Student Learning and Administrative Outcomes

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City College began Student Learning and Institutional Assessment work in May 2003. The process has involved the instructional student and administrative services community in an institution-wide dialogue at the “grass roots” level. Staff and faculty began with dialogue regarding their values, the nature of their teaching, and goals for learning in their programs. They design and measure student learning or administrative outcomes that are unique to their programs and departments. Our efforts are directed towards incremental program improvement in meaningful ways as opposed to simple compliance to external regulations. A common framework for documentation and communication within departments is now online at

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Where are you in your SLO/AO work?  We can support you in remembering and moving forward!  We can customize a session with you individually or with a group.  Remember that your departmental SLO/AO work is for the exclusive use of your program for incremental improvement and for no other purpose.  Other departments and outside entities have no access to your workspaces.


At San Diego City College program level student learning outcomes are assessed in individual courses that have been mapped to program level outcomes to demonstrate program achievement. For SLO Results PDF, click here.

Program level Student Learning Outcomes are found on each program page in the college catalog. click here