Dear Students:

Welcome back to Spring Semester 2014! As you know, college is just as expensive in 2014 as it was in 2013, and many supporters of educational excellence both within and outside of San Diego City College have generously donated to our many scholarship funds to help our students to pursue their educational dreams!* Throughout the year, the San Diego City College Foundation and the San Diego City College Office of Student Affairs offer scholarships to qualified students from San Diego City College and the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC).

Although the very important deadline of December 9 has passed, and we hope that students took the time to apply for our internal scholarships, there are still a few SDCC scholarships that have extended deadlines, and dozens of external scholarships that still have upcoming deadlines, including a free trip to Europe through the Salzburg Study Abroad Scholarship. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, however, you need to act quickly. Many remaining scholarships have deadlines as early as January 31 and early February! Simply click the link at the right that says SCHOLARSHIP LIST to see all available internal scholarships, and after you click SCHOLARSHIP LIST be sure to click the link underneath it that says OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS to see a list of additional scholarships that are being offered to students by our community supporters. If you need help with your application click the link to the right that says SCHOLARSHIP WORKSHOP to see the PowerPoint presentation from the 2 scholarship workshops we presented last semester. Student Affairs is planning more scholarship workshops in the spring semester to help you to find more scholarships and apply for them.

For everyone who applied for an internal scholarship (or is about to apply for one), campus scholarship committees are being formed now to make decisions about scholarship winners, and our Scholarship Banquet is being planned for April 12, 2014. Please be patient and we will notify everyone as soon as the winners are chosen.


Michael Paul Wong, Ph.D.
Dean, Student Affairs
San Diego City College

*San Diego City College does not accept scholarship funds from tobacco companies or companies whose primary revenues are from the sale of alcoholic beverages.