AGRI Program Descriptions

The Sustainable Urban Agriculture program within the Life Sciences Department includes both an Associate Degree track for students planning to transfer and continue their agriculture education at a four-year university, as well as three career tech tracks:

Organic Gardening for the Culinary Arts (6 units) gives you a taste of the skills needed to work in urban farming as a profession,
Urban Gardening (12 units) is for those who are interested in obtaining an agriculture-related job or developing a larger-scale home garden, and
Urban Farming Professional (29 units) was developed specifically for those who are preparing to establish and operate an urban farm-related business.

You do not have to declare a certificate track to take courses in the program. Students apply for a certificate upon completion of all courses in that track.

Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Program Description:
Sustainable Urban Agriculture offers a hands-on approach for students to enter into the academic and/or professional fields related to sustainable agriculture. Students gain skills to critically analyze historical and current food systems in order to offer alternative solutions to create more sustainable food system models. Students gain practical experience working alongside professional urban farmers and farm educators in the Seeds at City Urban Farm on the City College campus.

Program Goals:
This program provides students the opportunity to analyze issues and implement solutions related to small-scale urban agriculture and to apply their knowledge in hands-on learning at the Seeds at City Urban Farm. The primary aim is to train a diverse group of skilled organic practitioners who actively participate in improving the health of their environment, food, and communities through small scale organic food production, education, advocacy, and social service programs.

Program Emphasis:
This program provides a foundation in plant and soil science, integrated pest management, and crop production while focusing on ecological principles of sustainable agriculture. Courses emphasize the how-to aspects of organic gardening and farming, including compost production, greenhouse propagation, crop planning and production.

Career Options:
San Diego City College offers certificates, degrees and transfer options in the Sustainable Urban Agriculture program. The Certificate of Performance, Organic Gardening for the Culinary Arts, compliments educational programs in the culinary arts. The Urban Gardener Certificate of Achievement provides skills and knowledge for careers at an organic farm, nursery, commercial greenhouse or to manage a community garden. The Certificate of Achievement in Urban Farming prepares students and professionals to establish and operate an organic urban farm business. The Sustainable Urban Agriculture, Associate in Science Degree, prepares students to transfer to a four-year college to study agriculture, sustainable agriculture, plant science, crop science, agricultural business, or ecology.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students who complete this program should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the three facets of sustainability (economic, environmental and social) both in general and as they apply specifically to landscaping, practices.
  • Understand and explain the components of a food system.
  • Design an organic urban farm that support natural ecosystems, human health, and water conservation.
  • Evaluate the soil food web.
  • Create a crop plan that is appropriate for the southwest region.
  • Identify plant disease and pests and incorporate integrated pest management and other organic strategies for a resilient food system.
  • Demonstrate basic propagation techniques.