Academic Senate


Contact us at (619) 388-3578 in room MS 151.
Office Secretary: Melissa Sanchez (619) 388-3578


2016-2017 SDCC Academic Senate Executive Committee:

President: Justin Akers (619) 388-3181

Past-President: Berta Harris   (619) 388-3877
President of the Chairs Cabinet: Jan Jarrell (619) 388-3650
Secretary: Sandra Pesce   (619) 388-3245
Treasurer: Elizabeth Norvell (619) 388-3074
Adjunct Officer: VACANT

2016-2017 SDCC Academic Senate Meeting Dates

Fall 2016
  • Academic Senate General Meetings at 2:30 in [TBA] 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28,12/12
  • Academic Senate Executive Committee Meetings, Room MS 151: days and times will vary: 9/6 (2:30p),  9/19 (9:30a), 10/3 (2:30p), 10/17 (9:30a), 10/31 (2:30p), 11/14 (9:30a), 12/5 (9:30a). 
Spring 2017
  • Academic Senate General Meetings at 2:30 in [TBA]: 2/13, 2/27, 3/13, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15.
  • Academic Senate Executive Committee Meetings, Room MS 151: days and times will vary: 2/6 (9:30a),  2/21 (2:30p), 3/6 (2:30p), 3/20 (9:30a), 4/10 (2:30p), 4/24 (9:30a), 5/8 (TBA).


Faculty representation on committees is a vital part of shared governance. The SDCC Academic Senate has a Committee on Committees that appoints faculty to committees at the campus, district, or other affiliate level (including ad-hoc and hiring committees). Per the Senate Bylaws, membership in newly-established committees as well as vacancies on existing committees are to be filled in this manner. A log of committee appointments is kept by the Academic Senate Secretary.

  • For those heads of committees seeking faculty appointees, go to our Committee Request Form to initiate the recruitment process. The Committee on Committees intends to fill your request within 2 weeks. A solicitation notice with the information you've included on the form will be sent to all City College faculty via email.
  • For faculty wishing to be appointed to a committee, watch for emails announcing the request for faculty to fill committee appointments. A link to a Google form will be included in the email for you to complete and submit electronically. A decision should be made by the Committee on Committees within 2 weeks of the initial solicitation date.  


Curriculum Review Committee:
Chair: Deanna Shelton and Jennifer Boots

Distance Learning Committee:
Chair: TBA
Members: Marty Dare, Gwyn Enright, David King, John Mercurio, Andrea Milburn, Karmi Minor-Flores, Sandra Pesce, Marie St. George

Elections Committee:
Chair:   Erin Engstrom

Professional Advancement Committee:
Chair:  Cathi Lopez
Members:  Guillermo Alvarez, Jennifer Bethell, Sheylia Castillo, Gwyn Enright, Virginia Escalante, Aileen Gum, Y.C. Kim, LeeAnn Taylor, Adamu Waleign, Lisa Will

Social Courtesy:
Chair: Cynthia Lyons Dailard
Members: Barbara Riva 

SDCC Academic Senate Membership Representation

Academic Departments
 At-Large - Doc (Juan) Rivera
 Alcohol & Other Drug Studies - (Representation is vacant)
 Apprenticeship - (Representation is vacant)
 Behavioral Sciences - Marie St. George
 Black Studies - Darius Spearman
 Business Studies- Salley Deaton
 Chicana/Chicano Studies - Rosiangela Escamilla
 Child Development - Berta Harris
 Communications - Erin Engstrom
 Consumer and Family Studies - Susi Fontana
 Cosmetology - (Representation is Vacant)
 Counseling - Luis Perez
 Educational Cultural Complex #1 (Representation is Vacant)
 Educational Cultural Complex #2 (Representation is Vacant)
 Engineering and Technologies - Thom Davies
 English and Humanities - Anna Rogers
 Health Exercise Services - Andrea Milburn
 History/Political Science - Pete Haro
 Information Technology - Richard Pelletier
 Languages - (Representation is Vacant)
 Learning Resource Center - Cecilia Cheung
 Life Sciences - Jake Brashears
 Mathematics - Nick Slinglend
 Nursing Education - Anita Johnson
 Physical Sciences - Lisa Chaddock
 Visual/Performing Arts - Robert Kostlan

 Arts, Humanities and Communications - (Representation is Vacant)
 Behavioral & Social Sciences, and Consumer and Family Studies - Jill Green
 Business, Information Technology and Cosmetology - Carol Ardrey
 Engineering & Technologies, Mathematics, Sciences and Nursing - Selene Miles
 Health, Exercise Sciences and Athletics - Alan Rivera
 Off Campus Programs - Wendy Wilson