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Knights Team Up With Rotary Club to Raise Over $1,500 for Polio and Prevention


The San Diego City College men’s volleyball team enjoyed a team banquet at Kansas City Barbeque in Seaport Village with the Downtown Rotary Club on Monday, April 27.

During the course of the season, the Knights teamed up with the Rotary Club to raise funds towards Polio and Prevention. A Downtown Rotarian would attend each home match, give an inspirational speech to the team, and donate $100 towards polio and prevention. In return for the donation, the Rotarian would be named the guest coach and sit on the bench during the match.

Head Coach Kevin Pratte was very thrilled that the guest coaching experience was a success for the players and for the rotary members. “Originally, I went to Gary Green, a fellow rotary member, and asked him to be a guest coach," said Pratte. "He managed to get our program over 10 guest coaches and had a great idea to have our team be a part of raising money towards Polio and Prevention.

"The rotary members constantly told me how neat their experience was and their leadership skills, enthusiasm and advice helped shape my players lives. I am glad the rotary members had a good time, but my team learned valuable life skills from these dynamic leaders that we will never forget. I look forward to continue our partnership with the Downtown Rotary Club and I am pumped we raised over $1,500.00 towards Polio and Prevention."

“Coach Kevin Pratte has been an outstanding member of our San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club," said Green, who was in charge of signing up the guest coaches. "He immediately had his team volunteering for Downtown Community projects.

"Our members where the ones who were inspired by the team's enthusiasm and hard work to bring their team to a win. Coach Pratte is an excellent role model for these young men and is concerned with them both on and off of the court. His leadership of good grades, good character and community service will have a major impact on their lives. We were so happy to honor these team members at an event held at the downtown restaurant of Kansas City Barbeque. Coach Pratte introduced each team member to the Club members and congratulated them on their achievement both on and off of the court."

The San Diego City College men’s volleyball program and the Downtown Rotary Club have created a great partnership. The Knights look forward to volunteering at Rotary events and are excited to get more Rotary members on the bench for the 2016 season.