Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Interested in joining or starting a club? Students interested in clubs should stop by the "Student Affairs" office located in M-200. All students interested in starting a club should download the Club Recognition packet below for all the information. Club Recognition packets are due to the Office of Student Affairs by Wednesday, February 28, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.. For more information please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 619-388-3412 or visit us at M-200.

City College is home to a wide variety of students, faculty and staff. We pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds, interests and cultures of our campus. City College has nearly 30 student clubs/organizations; each as diverse as the students we serve.

If you would like information on a specific club you can reach out to that club’s advisor referenced below. Should you have general questions about joining an existing club or creating a new club, please contact the office of Student Affairs at 619-388-3412.  ICC The Inter-club Council (ICC) is commonly referred to as the club of clubs. The ICC is the forum in which clubs collaborate to strengthen their efforts on campus.

ICC meets every Friday at 9:00 a.m. in the Associated Students Government Center located in the Student Affairs building, M-201-A. Your club should be sending at least one representative to each ICC meeting so we can promote your club and its activities.

Mandatory Club Orientation: All students interested in starting a new club are required to attend the Student Club Orientation. Advisors are also required to attend the Advisor Orientation. All orientations are held in M-201-A.

Student and Advisor Orientations:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 12:00 to 3:30 pm or

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

To learn more, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 619 388-3412. 

Important Student Club Forms

  • Board Policy 3200 District Policy for operating a Student Club or Organization on campus
  • Club Recognition Packet Application packet for new clubs or re-registering an existing club
  • Procedures And Operating Guidelines Guidelines for operating a Student Club
  • Room Matrix and Major Events Used to reserve campus facilities and to notify Campus Administration of a major event on the campus
  • Vendor Agreement Packet Used to apply as a food vendor to major events on Campus

    Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Clubs:
  • Club & Organization NameFaculty Advisor(s) & E- Mail Address(es)PresidentClub Purpose
    Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APSA)Nora Hinsley
    Jheian Velasco
    The APSA club is established to promote and share our diverse cultural heritage and our differing historical experiences with our campus community. APSA will be sponsoring educational, cultural, civic, and social events that address the needs of our community and increases our visibility on campus.
    Associate Degree Student Nurses’ Association (ADSNA)Rhonna Porch

    Chris Hale
    Esther Butler
    To assist student nurses to unite together to advance the profession of nursing and to strengthen the efforts of each individual in the pursuit of their goals; To support and work with the local Coordinating Council of the Student Nurses’ Association of California, and to be an active participant of the State Association at the personal discretion of each individual member; To encourage participation in the activities of the National Student Nurses’ Association; To maintain self-government in accordance with the policy of San Diego City College; To initiate interest and enthusiasm for membership in the American Nurses’ Association, the professional organization for Registered Nurses; To promote interest in the National League for Nursing.
    ASG Associated Students GovernmentMarciano Perez, Jr., M.A.

    Lori Oldham, M.Ed.
    Ignacio Hernandez

    Janessa Forney
    As student leaders we are committed to serving and advocating for the student interests by promoting diversity, community, and academic success.
    Audubon Club Lisa Chaddock
    Maria Robinson
    Students will be a part of a campus environmental community, participating in organized activities to advance the knowledge of local birds, habitats and sustainability efforts that will begin them on a pathway to a profession in environmental sustainability.
    Creative Writing ClubPatricia McGhee
    Joseph Neal
    The Creative Writing Club is a student-run-for-student organization. It is designed to harbor creativity, while simultaneously fostering the growth of students in multiple forms of rhetoric. Opportunities to grow as a writer or artist stem from collaborative workshops in editing and brainstorming. Additionally, the chance to publish works in a club-generated magazine, as well as opportunities to participate in San Diego literature readings, publishing and conferences give members an outlet to showcase their growth. It is also a community dedicated to the improvement and recognition of creative outlets at City College.
    French ClubPhilippe Patto
    Elizabeth Meza
    Organization to become politically continuous through community involvement and pride in who they are and where they come from.
    Hermanos Unidos-Brothers United (HUBU)Andre Sanz
    Antonio Torres Moreno
    To help students succeed by informing, motivating, and preparing them for success both academically and personally. To increase faculty and student interaction; promote community, cultural, and gender identity development, and encourage peer-to-peer interaction between students.

    Hip-Hop CityRobert Kostlan
    Carlos Cervantes Jr.
    Hip-Hop City is a club and organization dedicated to the culture of Hip-Hop and the expansion of the art form. We are here to enrich the minds of the students and bring an exciting welcoming atmosphere during our performances. We are also here to assist and promote the growth and creativity of the student-performer. We are a group of students who truly think and believe that Hip-Hop music can truly change our communities and the world.
    Inter-Club Council (ICC)Marciano Perez, Jr., M.A.

    Lori Oldham, M.Ed.
    Javier Valle
    The Inter-Club Council serves to represent to the Associated Students at San Diego City College the interests of its member organizations. The ICC serves to facilitate communication and cooperation amongst campus clubs.
    International Socialist Organization Nadia Mandilawi
    Jeanine Santa Cruz
    To participate in the struggles for justice and liberation today.
    M.E.Ch.AEnrique Davalos
    Katia Ascencio
    Organization to become politically continuous through community involvement and pride in who they are and where they come from.
    Music ClubRobert Kostlan
    Emilio Rodriguez
    To foster a community for the musicians and lovers of music alike of City College to share opinions and tastes of music as well as educate our members on several aspects of the gamut of music and organize events on campus to showcase the talent of our students.
    Phi Theta KappaElizabeth Meehan
    Nadia Escobar
    The purpose of Beta Iota Kappa Chapter shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among San Diego City College students. To achieve this purpose, we shall provide opportunities for development of leadership, service, an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals, lively fellowship for scholars, and the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.


    Psi Beta & Psychology ClubKim Sweeney
    Jacob Biglow


    Psi Beta’s mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. ~Psi Beta National Council, August 14, 2014~
    PuenteLuis Perez
    Salma Hernandez
    The goal of the Puente Club is to build a strong sense of community while informing students about academic, social and community activities to current and former Puente members as well as other San Diego City College students that are interested in the development of our education and personal growth.
    Renewable Energy ClubKelly Mayhew
    Waldo Chavez
    The Renewable Energy Club’s purpose is to become informed on the renewable energy technology in the world, and to expand on those ideas through discussion, design, and action.
    San Diego City College Film SocietyCy Kuckenbaker
    Garrett Turner
    To expand cinematic scholarship for film aficionados and aspiring writers interested in analysis of the medium who currently attend City College, to allow them to exercise their skills and create a public space for films both topical and representative of the diversity of expression that this art offers.
    San Diego City College Robotics Engineering ClubRobert Pruitt
    Dennis Brown
    The purpose of the organization is to provide San Diego Community College District students with a real-world engineering experience through investigation of, and participation in, the field of robotics. The primary form of participation shall be the development of robots for use in established intercollegiate competitions.
    San Diego City College SACNASLorenza Levy
    Colton Mullican
    “SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists, from college student to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.”
    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Club (SHPE)Rafael Alvarez
    Ken Guinto
    SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impacts the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.
    UmojaEbony Tyree
    Romerlia Turner
    Umoja is a club meant to support the Umoja Community; to motivate, inspire, lead by example, and be proactive at the community college level.
    Urban Scholars UnionNesha Savage
    Cesar Garcia
    We are student advocates with lived experience committed to empowering all cultures transitioning from incarceration to education. To cut recidivism rates through empowerment, leadership development, and reconstruction of social and personal narratives.
    Zion Bible Study ClubPaul Greer
    Martin Cuevas
    To encourage students at San Diego City College to study the Bible, to understand the will of God Elohim, and to advance to the Kingdom of God.

    Club Policy

    Attached is a copy of Board Policy 3200, the relevant policy in which clubs will need to comply with when a recognized club on campus.