World Cultures Committee

Karen Lim, Co-Director
Elizabeth Meehan, Co-Director
Denise Whisenhunt, Vice President of Student Services
Maria Murcia, Program Assistant 

World Cultures Committee Members

Laurel CoronaHumanities
Enrique DavalosChicano Studies
Virginia Escalante International Book Fair/English
Trudy Gerald Dean of Arts and Humanities
Peter Haro History
Sofia Laurein History
Karen Lim English, World Cultures Co-Director
Don Long Independent Learning Center
Tanya MedinaSpeech
Elizabeth Meehan English/Humanities, World Cultures Co-Director
Philippe PattoFrench
DeeDee PorterBookstore Manager
Katie RoddaDramatic Art
Elva Salinas Chicano Studies/English
Eric Sandoval Learning Resource Center
Rosalinda SandovalLanguage
Darius Spearman Black Studies
LeeAnn TaylorHES/Athletics
Ellen Turkel Health, Exercise Science, and Athletics
Denise WhisenhuntVice President of Student Services
Terry WilsonDance
Candice Lopez,Graphic Design