A Building Renovation

A Building Dates
Project: A Building Renovation
Design: 12 Months 27-Feb-12 to 27-Feb-13
DSA: 6 Months 28-Feb-13 to 29-Aug-13
Bid and Award:
3 Months 30-Aug-13 to 30-Nov-13
Duration: 13 Months
Start Date: 31-Nov-13
Finish Date 31-Dec-14
A Building Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: A Building Renovation
Start Dates: approx. 1/2013 to 9/2014
Emergency Contact:
A Building Status
Project: A Building Renovation
Description: Renovation of approximately 57,000 sf for new administration services, student services, general classroom space, plant operations, science overflow, common areas and associated support space.
Location: Central Campus. Adjacent to D Bldg. Between L Bldg & Russ Blvd.
Start Date: 4/15/2010
Finish Date: 8/25/2014
Phase: Design
Funding: N
Comments: As of 04/2011- Programming Design meetings with Admin and Faculty began in 06/2010 and are expected to continue through 2011. As with the T bldg project, these initial meetings are to plan for the space requirements and adjacency needs for this project.  In 11/2010 the Campus decided to include various Student Services programs in this project, and these programs will now be relocated from the L Bldg into the renovated A Bldg.  The Programming Design team conducted interviews and office tours with the new programs, and taking into account all of the program's space requests, the requested square footage exceeded the total space available in the existing A Bldg.  In 01/2011 the Programming Design team met with the Campus VPs and Deans to review the square footage overages, and the Deans and VPs then went back to their programs and departments to identify potential reductions.  The reductions made by the faculty brought the requested square footage back into the allowable space range, however District Management would now like to review the campus' request for additional general purpose classrooms and their effective utilization.  Once this utilization issue is resolved, and a solution is agreed upon by all parties, the Design Build RFP for this project (for a Project Architect to complete the design and Contractor team) is expected to be advertised in 08/2011 and design efforts will then begin with the Project Architect team in 09/2011.  Design efforts & meetings with the faculty and campus will continue through Fall 2011, with construction planned to begin in early 2013.  Please note, renovation construction cannot begin until Science Bldg, BT/AH buildings, and MaSS Building are complete.