C Building Renovation

C Building Renovation Dates
Project: C Building Renovation
Design 12 Months 3-Feb-10 to 3-Feb-11
DSA: 6 Months 4-Feb-11 to 4-Aug-11
Bid and Award: 3 Months 5-Aug-11 to 5-Nov-11
Duration: 19 Months
Start Date: 6-Nov-11
Finish Date 6-Jun-13
C Building Renovation Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: C Building Renovation
Start Dates: approx. 10/2012 to 5/2014
Emergency Contact:
C Building Renovation Status
Project: C Building Renovation
Description: Renovation of approximately 34,000 sf for the media and performing arts department, including new space for Radio, TV, Journalism, Dramatic Arts, Dance, Music, common areas and associated support space.
Location: Central Campus, South side of B Street between the L building and B St.
Start Date: 4/10/2010
Finish Date: 5/6/2014
Phase: Design
Funding: N
Comments: "As of 04/2011- The design team has met with the users to verify final space programming before proceeding to the conceptual design phase. A potential phasing plan has also been submitted by the Design Build team for the relocation and renovation of the Radio Station and Journalism Dept. This plan has been approved by the District, and the Design Build team has begun meeting with the C Building design committee to develop a feasible construction phasing plan. Final programming draft documents have been submitted to the District for review, and a review meeting was held on 03/29/2011. Before the programming documents are approved, further discussions with the City College administration must take place to discuss space utilization and the inclusion of additional classrooms in the programming of this project. It is anticipated that this will take place in late 04/2011, with finalized programming documents by the beginning of 05/2011."