Child Development Center

Child Development Center Dates
Project: Child Development Center
Design: 10 Months 28-Dec-10 to 28-Oct-11
DSA: 6 Months 29-Oct-11 to 29-Apr-12
Bid and Award: 3 Months 30-Apr-12 to 30-Jul-12
Duration: 12 Months
Start Date: 31-Jul-12
Finish Date 31-Jul-13
Child Development Center Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Child Development Center
Start Dates: approx. 10/2012 to 9/2013
Emergency Contact:
Child Development Center Status
Project: Child Development Center
Description: New Construction of approximately 20,000 sf for the Child Development Program including new space for age appropriate learning and playground space as well as general classroom space.
Location: 16th Street between C St. & B St.
Start Date: 6/7/2010
Finish Date: 10/21/2013
Phase: Design
Funding: S
Comments: As of 04/2011- Programming Design efforts resumed in 06/2010 and space planning and programming meetings with faculty and administration will continue until late 2011. Early design concepts were submitted to the State for funding approval in 09/2010. The State has informed the District that the CDC project is ineligible for State Funding. Due to this determination, the project will be funded through Proposition S. The project is scheduled to continue with planning and design, with an anticipated RFP solicitation for design build firms (for a Project Architect and Contractor) later in 2011. A meeting was held on 03/22/2011 to discuss new potential locations for the CDC on the City College campus, and it was requested that the RFP for Design Build firms include a requirement to provide site layout options in their responses to the RFP.