Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1

Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1 Dates
Design: 14 Months 2-Apr-08 to 1-Jul-09
 DSA:  6 Months 2-Jul-09 to 31-Dec-09
 Bid and Award:
 2 Months 2-Jan-10 to 2-Mar-10
Duration: 13 Months
Start Date: 3-Mar-10
Finish Date 3-Apr-11
Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1 Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1(Central Plant)
Start/Finish Dates: 7/26/2010 to 09/30/2011
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: Beginning 1/21/2011, Parking Lot #1 and Parking Lot #2 will be closed for construction, trailers, equipment staging, and laydown for the Storm/Sewer, Central Plant, and Science Bldg projects. ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking, and a Pedestrian Walkway will remain in Parking Lot #1 area. All restricted construction areas are marked with signage, fencing, and barriers. Construction fencing and pedestrian barriers were installed around the site the week of 07/19/10 (immediately east of L Bldg) and construction activities began 07/26/10. Construction will be ongoing through 2011. Pedestrian access around the east end of the L Bldg to 16th Street will be limited, as well as access to the East end of Curran Plaza. Pedestrian access from the North side of the L bldg down to the T bldg parking lot will be diverted to a temporary staircase that is going up on 10/22 and will remain up until construction is completed.
 Comments:  Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1 Status
Project: Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 1
Description: Upgrades to City and College central plant expansion to support new and renovated buildings. Also includes upgrades and improvements to the sidewalks and pathways for pedestrian travel throughout the campus.
Location: East of L Bldg, some work in Gorton Quad, some work East of Curran Plaza
Start Date: 7/26/2010
Finish Date: 12/15/2011
Phase: Construction
Funding: N
Comments: As of 04/2011- Construction is organized into 3 phases, work began in late 07/2010, and the project is currently ongoing through 2011.  [CENTRAL PLANT YARD]: Demolition of the Central Plant yard, which is immediately east of the L bldg, began in early 10/2010 and as of 04/2011, all of the underground utilities have been relocated and the over-excavation and recompaction of the soil is complete.  The contractor is now installing rebar and building the footing formwork in preparation for the concrete pouring of the footings is expected the week of 04/25/2011.  The contractor has also staged the 12kV switchgear, SDG&E transformer, and 5-way enclosures on the previously poured concrete housekeeping pads and they are preparing for the installation of the SDG&E equipment.  SDG&E's portion of work will end with a total campus power outage, which is tentatively scheduled for the week of 05/23/2011.  The Campus PM's office will coordinate with Campus Administration to provide temp power to the campus' critical functions during this power outage.  [L BLDG CORRIDOR]: As part of the underground piping distribution work, the contractor needs to route the new hot water and chilled water lines through the L Bldg lower level "subway" corridor, then through the L Bldg basement, where the lines can be connected to the building's boiler.  This work began on 04/11/2011 and the Campus PM's office has coordinated this work with Campus Administration to have the least amount of disruption to the campus as possible. This work is planned to continue in phases until the end of 06/2011 approximately.  [SHUTDOWN OF CHILLED WATER PUMP]:  The campus chilled water pump was shut down during the District Spring Break, 04/18/2011 to 04/22/2011, and this resulted in no A/C on campus during this period.  [OTHER NOTES]: The pedestrian steps that were at B Street near the old Modular Village have been removed to make way for construction fencing, which also extends from the Central Plant Yard all the way east to 16th Street.  On 01/21/2011, Parking Lot #2 and Parking Lot #1 were fenced off and closed, though ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking, and a Pedestrian Walkway remain in the area of Parking Lot #1.  Also, vehicular access to the manufacturing bays at the lower level of the T Bldg will remain open during construction.  On 10/22 and 10/23 the stair case that runs from the North side of the L Bldg down to the T Bldg Parking Lot area was closed to help divert pedestrian traffic away from the construction areas. Construction signage is posted around the area to warn pedestrians and the temporary staircase will remain in place until the work is completed.