Math and Social Sciences Building (MaSS)

Math and Social Sciences Building Dates
Project: West Block Classrooms (General Purpose Classrooms)
Design: 13 Months 2-Apr-08 to 31-May-09
DSA:  6 Months 1-Jun-09 to 1-Dec-09
 Bid and Award:
2 Months 2-Dec-09 to 2-Feb-10 
Duration: 18 Months
Start Date: 3-Feb-10
Finish Date 3-Aug-11
Math and Social Sciences Building Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: General Purpose Classrooms
Start/Finish Dates: 10/04/2010 to 05/23/2012
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: Property demolition (block bound by 16th Street to 15th Street, Broadway to C Street) is complete.  Pedestrian safety measures and construction notifications and fencing are currently installed around site.  Historic House to be relocated 10/30/2010 and contractor is planned to mobilize soon thereafter so construction activites can begin.
 Comments:  Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
Math and Social Sciences Building Status
Project: Math and Social Sciences Building (MaSS) formerly General Purpose Classroom Bldg (GPCB)
Description: New construction of approximately 73,000 sf for general purpose classrooms, health center, corporate education center and associated support space. Also includes the construction of a 400-car parking garage.
Location: 15th Street & Broadway
Start Date: 11/12/2010
Finish Date: 9/18/2012
Phase: DSA review
Funding: S
Comments: As of 04/2011- Building design and construction drawings were approved by DSA on 10/07/10.  All land parcels at building site were purchased by the District and demolition of buildings on site is complete. The historic house on site was relocated on 10/30/2010 without incident and District contractor prepared foundations and infrastructure for the home's new location.  Contractor installed temporary fencing around entire jobsite block and began mobilization to the site in late 11/2010.  In 01/2011- The contractor extended the construction fencing to include the C Street sidewalk and 15th street sidewalk.  As of 04/2011- The contractor is currently installing grade beams, electrical underground work, and the 1st concrete pour occurred as well as the first concrete wall pour.  The second concrete wall pour took place on 04/22/2011.  Grade beam installation of the parking structure portion has also begun.  SWPPP measures have been installed onsite for the duration of the construction phase of work.  The design team continues to meet periodically with faculty and end-users to finalize interior materials and finishes.  The FF&E process began with the Architects, District FF&E PM, District Purchasing and Campus Representatives on 2/04/2011 and meetings/planning will continue through 2011.