P Building Renovation & Power Upgrade Project

P Building & Power Upgrade Project (Oct. 2010) Dates
Activity: Construction
Duration: 14 Months
Start Date: 12-May-08
Finish Date 10-Sept-09
P Building & Power Upgrade Project Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: P Building Renovation
Start/Finish Dates: 10/2010- 01/2011
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED in 01/2010
Comments: Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
P Building & Power Upgrade Project (Oct. 2010) Status
Project: P Building Renovation
Description: Renovation of approximately 17,500 sf at the P building to include Gymnasium Upgrades, Exercise Rooms, Locker Rooms, Faculty Offices, Team Rooms and other program specific areas.
Location: Park Ave, North of Harry West Gymnasium
Start Date: 4/3/2006
Finish Date: 1/4/2010
Phase: Complete
Funding: S
Comments: As of 04/2011- ***P Bldg Renovation Construction completed in early January 2010 and classes were held in building at the beginning of the Spring 2010*** Electrical Power Upgrade project began on 10/11/2010 and completed in late 01/2011. In order to connect all of the new switchgear and wires for this electrical upgrade, a total building power outage took place on Saturday 01/22/2011 without incident. All punchlist work by contractor is complete, and the project is now under warranty. As of 04/2011 there are still some small warranty issues being addressed and repaired, as identified by the Campus Administration.