Science Building

Science Building Dates
Project:  Science Building
Design: 12 Months 1-Oct-08 to 1-Oct-09
 DSA: 6 Months 2-Oct-09 to 2-Apr-10
 Bid and Award:
3 Months 3-Apr-10 to 3-Jul-10
Duration: 24 Months
Start Date: 5-Jul-10
Finish Date 5-Jul-12
Science Building Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Science Building
Start Dates: 9/2010 to 11/2012
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: Beginning 01/21/2011, Parking Lot #1 and Parking Lot #2 were closed for construction, trailers, equipment staging, and laydown for the Storm/Sewer, Central Plant, and Science Bldg projects. Please note, ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking, and a Pedestrian Walkway will remain in the area of Parking Lot #1. Demolition of T-modular Classrooms began in 09/2010 and was completed 9/20/10. Fencing and barriers were installed around site and will remain around site throughout duration of Science Bldg and Central Plant construction.
Comments: Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
Science Building Status
Project: Science Building
Description: New construction of approximately 73,000 sf for Science department including new space for Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Common Areas, and associated support space.
Location: 16th St. & B Street. Presently Modville.
Start Date: 5/5/2010
Finish Date: 11/20/2012
Phase: DSA review
Funding: N
Comments: As of 04/2011- Design complete in Spring 2010 and construction drawings submitted to DSA in 05/2011.  The drawings were reviewed and returned by DSA in late 10/2010.  Architects have addressed DSA comments and resubmitted drawings to DSA for final approval.  Due to some unforeseeable conflicts regarding the Fire/Life Safety Review and Deferred Approval Items, DSA final approval has not been received as of 04/21/2011 but it anticipated by the end of 04/2011.  The project began sitework and site preparation in 09/2010, with the removal of the modular classrooms, concrete curbs, retaining walls, and utilities. In 01/2011, Parking Lot #2 was closed and fenced off, in addition to Parking Lot #1, however ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking, and a Pedestrian Walkway remain in the area of Parking Lot #1.  Vehicular access to the T Bldg lower-level manufacturing bays and Facilities Maintenance areas in the "canyon" will remain open during construction, which should last until approx. early/mid-2013.  Interior design planning meetings with Campus and Faculty were held in 11/2010 and the faculty selected their carpet, tile, and casework finishes.  The FF&E process with District Purchasing, District FF&E Project Manager, and Campus Representatives is scheduled to begin in Summer 2011. As of 04/2011, The Project team is currently working to prepare the bidding documents with plans to be ready to bid the project in 05/2011 or 06/2011, depending on DSA final approval, with construction beginning soon thereafter.