Adopt-A-Family Benefit
For City College Students
Applications are available starting November in Student Affairs, Room D-106.
The City College Classified Senate sponsors an annual Adopt-a-Family benefit to support City College students and their families. Through Adopt-a-Family, select families will receive gift cards good for: holiday meals, clothing, and local marketplaces. Gifts will be awarded before the semester ends.

Students will be able to apply during the month of November (through Student Affairs) and applications will be reviewed in December. The criteria used in the selection process is based on:

1) enrollment,
2) total units,
3) number of dependents,
4) single parent status,
5) income, and
6) other special circumstances.

Donations are accepted YEAR ROUND and may be made in the following ways:

1. Place in Classified Senate mailbox in mailroom, A-8 
2. Send to (or visit) Yvonne, Room AH-519A
3. Send to (or visit) Awana, E-building
4. Send to (or visit) Neary, Room MS-551
5. Send to (or visit) Angela, E-building

* Please make checks payable to SDCC Classified Senate.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Conferences/Professional Development

EEO and Diversity Training for Screening/Selection Committees

Completion of the “EEO and Diversity Training for Screening/Selection Committees” qualifies you to serve in any capacity (on the screening/selection committee) for 3 years from the date of your training. If you anticipate participating on a District Screening Committee, in any capacity, you are encouraged to register for the training now.

Please e-mail Edwin Hiel to register.

For a list of scheduled EEO training sessions, visit the EEO website.

Student Support (Re)defined in Action: Applying Research-based Support Strategies to Boost Student Success

How can your district or college better structure support both inside and outside the classroom to maximize student success? Student Support (Re)defined is a multi-layer study by the California Community College system's RP Group that identifies the six most critical factors contributing to student progress and achievement.

The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative and RP Group are holding five regional workshops on how to integrate these success factors into students' daily experiences at your college. You will have the opportunity to share what your college is doing, learn about successful strategies at other colleges, and reflect on ways your college's policies and practices can better support student success and institutional effectiveness.

All workshops will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Registration is required through EventBrite, although there is no registration fee for attending.

Friday, September 4 at San Diego Mesa College (capacity 90).
Registration link:

Click here for more information.

Classified Leadership Institute 2016