Career Planning Steps

Career planning when conducted mindfully can lead to a successful and fulfilling professional life. As a student at San Diego City you have the opportunity to work with dedicated career counselors and staff that can assist you as you go through the career planning steps.

Career planning is a 5 step process and can be a fun and self revealing process. Depending on what your goal is at any given time, and what you are trying to accomplish the process can be challenging but quite rewarding.

Step 1  Self Exploration Discover yourself, complete our  validated reliable career self assessment inventories
Step 2  Resource Identification Seek out information about your chosen profession
Step 3  Career Field Research Learn what it is really about: salary, a day in the life of, etc.
Step 4  Job Readiness Plan for a job now, review you resume, job hunt, practice interviewing, etc.

Academic Pathways for Career Planning

Transfer Services Explore the steps for transferring in the Transfer Center
What Can I do with this Major? Explore the possibilities
What kind of job are you looking for? Explore a keyword bank that will assist you in finding any job related to your interest!
Have a major but don't know what jobs are available? Explore jobs related to your major, find out other majors related to those jobs, & find out job trends year to year and even salaries to match!