Live E-Appointments


if city college is not your home campus or if the majority of your classes are on-campus, appointments will be scheduled on an available basis only!


Informed Consent Statement

You must carefully read the entire "Terms & Conditions" and "Privacy Protection" statements below BEFORE using the Online Counseling Services at San Diego City College. Please select "I Agree" at the bottom of the page if you wish to schedule an online appointment.  

Information about you is confidential. It is important that you supply the most current information about yourself, your educational history, plans and career goals so that online counselors may provide you with the most accurate information specific to your needs.

  • Wherever E-Counseling is mentioned, I understand this is referring to the online counseling services provided by San Diego City College, which includes, but is not limited to, Live e-Appointments and Live e-Workshops with counselors, and the use of an unsecured email for quick general questions known as “Ask the E-Counselor”.
  • Per the Family Rights and Privacy Acts, I hereby grant permission for SDCCD online counselors to release academic information about myself during a Live e-Counseling appointment and/or workshop or group session, via the WebEx Meeting Center, which I understand to be encrypted and secured.
  • When using the "Ask the E-Counselor" function, I understand that these interactions are communicated through an unsecured email, and is to be used for general questions only. Therefore, I will not share my confidential student record information, via this option, nor will the counselor provide or discuss my student records via this option. 
  • When requesting a Live e-Appointment or Live e-Workshop, and while asking the online counselor questions, I must authentically represent myself in all aspects.
  • I am the student who will be attending the Live e-Appointment, and I will provide accurate personal information, educational history, and  educational goals.
  • I will protect my meeting ID# and password by not sharing this information with others.
  • I authorize the online counselor to provide me with information related to my academic records online through the use of the Online Counseling website and the WebEx powered Meeting Center.
  • I authorize the online counselor to record my Live e-Appointment/e-Workshop session for the sole purpose of assisting me with my academic pursuits.
  • I give permission to SDCCD counselors, relevant SDCCD personnel and WebEx Meeting server personnel (administrator) to, when necessary and for the sole purpose of improving the online meeting services, have access to recorded information from a Live e-Appointment and/or a Live e-Workshop between myself and a counselor.
Privacy Protection

I understand that when using San Diego City College's online counseling services I must protect my personal information from others, therefore:

  • I will provide an accurate and private email address. I understand that the E-Counseling program will automatically email confirmation messages and notifications to the address I provide.
  • I understand that, in the event I forget my live e-Meeting password or e-Meeting ID#, I may request that the E-Counseling program email this information to the email address I provide.
  • I understand that every time I request a Live e-Appointment my email address must be accurate and private.
  • I understand that if I choose to share an email account with another person, that person will have access to my Meeting ID# and password, which may allow that person eventual access to my personal and  academic information.
  • If I choose to share an email account, I release San Diego City College Online Counseling Services and the SDCCD from any liability resulting from such action.
I have read the above information in detail. I understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Protection established for San Diego City College E-Counseling.

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