DSPS Services

Services and accommodations are different for each student. Each student will meet with a DSPS counselor specialist to develop an individualized plan for services and accommodations based on the student's disability and educational needs.


The following is a list of frequently used services and accommodations available through DSPS: (*Please note that some equipment may need training and orientation)
  • Adapted Computer Software and Hardware
    • *JAWS
    • *Window Eyes
    • *Zoom Text
    • Alternate KeyBoards and Mouse
    • Large Screen Monitors
    • Talking Calculators
    • CCTV (closed circuit TV)
  • Note-Taking Assistance
    • *AlphaSmart notetaking keyboard
    • NCR paper for in class notes
    • Digital recorders
    • *LiveScribe Smart Pens
  •  Alternate Media Services 
    • e-text for printed instructional materials
    • *Victor Stream readers 
    • *Text-to-speech software
    • *Speech-to-text software (*Dragon Naturally Speaking)
    • Enlarged print
    • *Braille (upon request)
  •  Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • +ASL Interpreting
    • +Real Time Captioning
    • Assistive Listening Hardware
    • FM amplification
    • Video Relay Phone (619) 326-4005 
    • TTY (619) 388-3634

+ link to Interpreting Services Office
Video Relay Phone: (619) 550-3389
for notifications and cancellations


  •  Testing Accommodations
    • Extended time
    • Distraction reduced environment
    • Individual testing rooms
    • Alternate test formats
    • Audio formats
    • Reader/scribe
  •  Counseling Services
    • Disability management counseling
      and strategies
    • Academic counseling specific to
      individual disability
    • Campus liaison referrals 
    • Community liaison-referrals