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  • Accommodations 101 
  • Test Proctoring
    • Instructors: It is your responsibility to collaborate with DSPS to provide test proctoring
      to students who are legally eligible.

    • Instructors will be notified each time a student requests test proctoring.
      Completion of the test
      parameters (pink form) and prompt return of the
      form as well as the test will be appreciated.

    • Test Proctoring Instructions for Professors
  • Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics-Strategies
  • The Winning Equation: Access + Attitude = Success in Math and Science
  • City College Faculty Handbook
    • Students with verified disabilities have the right to receive academic accommodations
      and auxiliary aids to provide access
      to college programs and activities. Accommodations
      appropriate to the student’s disability are identified with the DSPS
      counselor to best
      demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

    • Students are responsible for discussing their accommodations with instructors at the
      beginning of the semester or in a timely manner. Faculty are encouraged to
      consult with DSPS to facilitate test proctoring and other services.

    • Suggested Syllabi Statements: Instructors are encouraged to include a statement on their
      syllabus for students with disabilities.
    • This encourages students with disabilities to proactively discuss accommodations.
    • On campus Syllabus Statement: Students with disabilities who may need academic
      accommodations should discuss options
      with their professors during the first
      two weeks of class.
    • On-line Syllabus Statement: Students with verified disabilities who may need
      academic accommodations should contact their instructor
      as soon as possible.
      E-mail addresses and telephone #’s are listed on the syllabus. In order to coordinate
      with the Disability
      Support Programs and Services (DSPS) department to identify
      appropriate accommodations.






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