English 12



MON, AUG 24                4-5:50 PM with Prof. Brown

TUES, AUG 25               2:30-4:30 PM with Prof. Barnard

WED, AUG 26               4-5:50 PM with Prof. Brown

THUR, AUG 27             2:30-4:30 PM with Prof. Barnard

FRI, AUG 28                  9:30-11:30 AM with Prof. Brown


TUESDAYS, 2:30-3:30 PM with Prof. Barnard

           THURDAYS, 4-5 PM
with Prof. Brown    

If you have not attended an orientation, please contact your instructor before proceeding.

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Registered Students
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Students must attend an orientation before receiving an add code or beginning classwork. 

Access the MySkillsLab website at http://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com to begin your registration and classwork.

The English 12 Lecture/Workshop Schedule is posted below. Please scroll down. Students need to attend a minimum of two lecture/workshops during the semester.


WED, SEPT 9                4-4:30 PM: Issues with Reading Critically with Prof. Brown

TUES, SEPT 15             2:30-3 PM: Writing as a Process with Prof. Barnard

THURS, SEPT 24          4-4:30 PM: Issues with Sentence Structure With Prof. Brown

WED, SEPT 30              4-4:30 PM: Developing a Paragraph with Prof. Brown

TUES, OCT 6                 2:30-3 PM: Issues in Grammar with Prof. Barnard

WED, OCT 14                4-4:30 PM: Writing Topic Sentences with Prof. Brown

THURS, OCT 22            4-4:30 PM: Issues with Punctuation with Prof. Brown

WED, OCT 28                4-4:30 PM: Organizing the Essay with Prof. Brown

THURS, NOV 5              4-4:30 PM: Writing Introductions and Conclusions with Prof. Brown

TUES, NOV 10               2:30-3 PM: Developing a Paragraph with Prof. Barnard

WED, NOV 18                4-4:30 PM: The Research Process and Using Sources with Prof. Brown

         TUES, DEC 1                   2:30-3 PM: Revising and Editing with Prof. Barnard    


Pearson Custom Library Handbook w/MySkillsLab SAC (PKG) / Brown

ISBN 978-1-269-39134-8 

Cost: approximately $32.00



What is English 12?

English 12 is a series of one-unit, self-paced supplemental English review classes offered to all students who either need help in their current courses or need assistance in repeating a course. Each student receives a tailored class lesson plan to meet his or her individual and contextual needs, regardless of his or her currently enrolled English and non-English courses. Students receive a grade of Pass or No Pass based on a two hour minimum weekly time-on-task commitment in the English Center computer lab, attendance of at least two workshops, and successful performance on Diagnostic Pre-Tests, Individualized Study Plan Exercises, and Diagnostic Post-Tests.

Currently, there are two course offerings. Please note that these are not online courses:

English 12A: Basic English Review
In this course, students will develop their skills in Sentence structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Reading. This class is ideal for students taking classes across the curriculum, students preparing to take standardized tests, or students who need to develop skill areas before repeating a failed course.

English 12E: English Composition Review
In this course, students will develop their skills in Main idea or thesis development, Paragraph structure, Paragraph development, Essay structure, Essay development, Researched writing, and Reading. This class is ideal for students taking classes across the curriculum, students building their paragraph and essay writing skills, or students who need to develop skill areas before repeating a failed course.

Computer Skills Advisory
Students enrolling in this course should have a basic familiarity with computer terms and use, including word-processing, document manipulation, email, and online services.

Tutorial assistance is available through the English Center tutorial staff
to aide students in better understanding the course material presented in the students’ individual Learning Path. Please keep in mind the tutors are there to help students better understand the material, not to provide correct answers.


Class Assignments

The objective of this class is to work on the MySkillsLab class material in the English Center Computer Lab and satisfactorily complete the Path Builder Diagnostics in Reading and Writing, the Learning Path exercises with a 70% or above average, and specific writing assignments. Attending a minimum of two Lecture/Workshops and an Exit Meeting is also required.

English 12A students will be expected to write a paragraph to be turned in for review by the end of the semester.
English 12E students will be expected to write two paragraphs and an essay to be turned in for review during the semester.

These assignments, along with the class time and designated meeting attendance, will determine final student grades of Pass or No Pass.