Job Opportunities

The Math Center has ongoing needs for the following positions. If a position is temporarily full, you can submit an application for the next opening.
If interested in a Work Study position, please contact Professor Kater by the end of the semester or before the semester starts, so arrangements can be made and add codes provided.

Please contact Professor David Kater in room MS-338: 12pm to 4pm, Wednesday - Thursday or or (619) 388-3252.

Internship - The Network Administrator

This internship is Ideal for a strong troubleshooter who is familiar with networking and wants to add Mac network experience to their resume. Employers want hands-on experience. If you want exposure to the Mac OS and learn how to manage an Apple Xserve that controls a lab of 70 + Macintosh computers, hosts websites, online databases, this is where you will get it. You will learn how to troubleshoot Macintosh-related network, hardware, and software issues. You will be exposed to network backup, web delivery of database solutions, and website hosting.

The federal Work Experience program enables you to do this internship as a customized course. The course grade is based on a list of objectives that you develop, and the units are transferable if in your major. Work Experience students will have first consideration for paid positions the semester after internship.

Administrative Assistant

This position supports the ongoing operations of the Math Center and related online programs in a low-stress, team-oriented environment. Strong organizational skills are a must. The successful candidate will be reliable, a team player, and a good self-learner. Sample duties include updating databases, filing, organizing student appointments for final exams, managing email, purchasing, documentation, and correspondence.

Math Tutor – Algebra and Statistics


Most of the tutoring customers in the Math Center are Math Center students studying up to and including Intermediate Algebra, Math 96. We also service walk-in students from other courses who need help in higher-level math up through calculus, and there is a solid demand for statistics tutoring. So, hiring priority will be given to applicants who can tutor statistics as well as higher levels of math. Requirements: Extremely reliable and a team player, able to tutor math through Intermediate Algebra as well as Elementary Statistics. Tutors who show initiative and leadership qualities may be invited to train for Supervisor positions.

All City College tutors are required to take a one-unit tutor training course, Education 100, listed in the class schedule. It meets two Saturday mornings, usually about a month into the semester. There are ongoing assignments throughout the semester, such as observing other tutors and being observed by other tutors.

The Math Center is about full service to the students. If hired, you will be part of a support team. Your duties will include learning the three front counter stations as well as tutoring. These stations are check in/out, materials check out, and managing the test taking process.

The federal Work Experience program enables you to do this internship as a customized course. The course grade is based on a list of objectives that you develop, and the units are transferable if in your major. Work Experience students will have first consideration for paid positions.

Work Study

There are several opportunities available to students who are awarded a work study grant. If you have the skill and inclination, you can work in Professor Kater's office as an administrative assistant or in one of the internship positions noted on this webpage. You can work in the Math Center as a lab aide, helping students complete their math requirements

Several work study students have gone on to be Math Tutors and even Supervisors. Work study gives you the chance to earn money while you study, and add work experience to your resume. Working in the Math Center, you will be part of a positive team that makes a difference by helping students accomplish their math goals.

Spring 2009 Testimonials

I'm an Administrative Assistant for Professor Kater. What I like about working here is the environment. There's few people working, it's very quiet, and the staff is friendly. This job is perfect for a student.

- Samantha Wert (Administrative Assistant)

I started working as administrative assistant in the Math Center office - a window-less, computer-filled room aptly called the Bat Cave by it's inhabitants - about a year and a half ago. I was in a transitional moment in my life: I was job-less, poor and had decided it was time to return to school. Working for the Math Center is one of the best decisions I've made. It's perfect, if you're a student at City College. I've been able to keep to my school plans and schedule because I've had the luxury of working just down the hall from where I take classes. There is no commute, and I can use my time more wisely. I've had lots and lots of jobs in my day, and I can say this is the healthiest work environment I've ever come across. Working for the Math Center you'll find a place that expects you to perform, but is always willing to help to get you there. Working for the Math Center you'll find a place where they listen to, consider and value your ideas and suggestions. Working for the Math Center you'll find a place where it really is like being in a team.

-José Baños - Jose Banos (Administrative Assistant)

The “Bat Cave” is a great working/learning environment. I say learning because I came to the job with no Apple/Mac experience whatsoever, and this happens to be a Mac-only workplace. The fact that I had no Mac history says something about the nature of the job. The only requirement is a willingness to learn in order to facilitate objectives. It’s very hands-on; plenty of workstations experiment on. I was nervous at first, being a Mac newbie, but quickly got over my prejudices as I learned more about the robust underlying UNIX platform on which OSX is based. Very similar to Linux, especially the terminal/command line, so don’t think that the skills gained here are only useful in a Mac environment. When I say that the workplace is laid-back, I don’t mean it in a derogatory way. On any given day you’ll see everybody pursuing more-or-less independent projects at their own pace. But there is an underlying cohesiveness, and everyone is willing to drop everything to lend advice or help or just joke around a bit. Overall, a low-stress, high-yield atmosphere which is conducive to learning and getting stuff done.

–Paul Sable (Network Administration)

“What a great opportunity to work in the math center to make your dream come to true!” I came here to interview as a Tutor at first, then I found it is more interesting to be a web designer on my major - multimedia, even I didn’t have any experience in this position. Then Prof. Kater gave me a chance, I worked here starting last year. I learn a lot from zero till now I can operate different kinds of software, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash. I would recommend if you are interested in web design, here is a great opportunity for you. Thanks Prof. Kater.

- Fanny Tsai (Web Design)

I didn’t start as a database intern; when I first applied to Professor Kater, it was in response to an advertisement for an office assistant. After working in his office for a few months, we started talking about software and hardware tracking – how nice it would be to have a database to tracking the hardware and list what was loaded as well as a parallel database to list the software licenses and list which box had which license. About that time, a need arose for an appointment-tracking database for the Math Center. Professor Kater handed me the task to develop the database, as well as the tools both to teach myself Filemaker Pro and to build the database. For the last several semesters, I have been filling the needs of Professor Kater and his staff with the databases that I build to their specifications. This internship has given me the opportunity to work in the “real-world” customized database authoring – an opportunity that doesn’t arise very often. I credit the opportunity to the Professor’s goal of presenting challenges to his students and letting them fill the challenges to the best of their ability.

- Joy Manning (Database Internship)

When I first applied for work study, I didn’t know what I could do because my English is not good. Then I decided to work at Match Center. I was so happy to work with the other staffs and the supervisor, who were so nice to me. I believe that it is my right decision. I am going to apply for doing work study at the Math Center again next semester. What a great place is!

– Duyen Pham (Work Study)

I’ve been working at the Math Center for about 5 years. First year was a tutor and the last 4 years till present as a assistant supervisor. Over the years that I’ve worked here, our working staff have always been friendly active, and act as a team to help out our Math Center’s students. The hours are flexible, and the duties are not hard at all after few days of training. I’ve learned how to become a better person and a better communicator/mentor to different students I see every day, I’m glad to be working here, since I’ve the luxury of picking the hours I want to work. Trust me, working in the Math Center will leave you a positive working experience.

– Shao Pan (Assistant Supervisor - Tutor)

It’s a great experience when the student you helped out grasps a hold of a concept and it’s like a lightbulb turned on. Students are always friendly and different ideas for solving math is shared between students and other staff. We always challenge ourselves with math problems, and students like working out problems with us.

– Bryan Constantino (Tutor)

Prospective scientists and engineers the best way to improve your math skills are to tutor teach someone else. A good place to do this is at the math center when you tutor, you review specific concepts, which you teach someone else. So help two people simultaneously, yourself and someone else. Become a math tutor today!

– Sean Devine (Tutor)

I have a lot of great things to say about working at the Math Center. Most of my fellow employees and I have at least one thing in common-we love Math. I came back to school after a long absence and had to start my Math classes all over again. I fell in love with the subject and am grateful to be able to explain a topic that I find very interesting and get paid to do so! It's great to see students finally understand a tough concept knowing that you helped them through it. Teaching algebra has helped me in my own math courses as well. Our supervisor has been very flexible concerning my availability as so work has interfered very little with my studies if at all. One of the nicest things about tutoring in the Math center is that the students that seek help, for the most part, want to understand the subject better. While sometimes the tutors are asked to "help with homework", a lot of students need us to get better grades on their tests. I get to work math problems on a chalkboard all day. I really can't think of a better working environment. I have a job where I am considered valuable; people need me, and its fun! What more could you ask for?

- Pete Berardi (Tutor)