These courses are intended for the following types of students:
  • Students who have completed the assessment test and wish to improve their placement level, so they can take a higher level course that their initial placement.
  • Students in need of more Math review and remediation before repeating a Math Course, or moving to the next level Math Course.
These courses provide adaptive computer-assisted instruction to refresh Math concepts identified as needed for each individual student. Successful completion of this course may serve as a basis for petition to challenge a Math placement score. 

The Math Center will provide computer access to the online platform that drives the course content, on-demand and one-to-one tutorial support, reference materials from a collection of previous edition Math textbooks, weekly Math workshops in small group format, etc.

Successful students in this program can
save a lot of time and money by possibly skipping over one (or more) developmental level Math Courses.

  • I want the flexibility of working online 24/7.
  • I need to progress more quickly and challenge a prerequisite.
  • I want to clear a course repetition violation.
  • I have good time-management skills, and am a good self-learner.
  • I have reliable internet access.
  • 24/7 access fits any schedule.
  • Self-paced within the 8 week timeframe of the course.
  • Excellent learning system customized to your individual needs.  
  • Access to Math Center resources.
  • You can access the class from anywhere online.
  • Self-learning course requires self-discipline.
  • You must meet the on-campus attendance requirement.
  • Space is limited. You must register early

Math 15 online refresher courses are ideally suited for students who have not taken math for a long time and want to refresh their skills. Math 15 courses offer students a one-unit, pass/no-pass way to refresh their math skills without the commitment, cost, and academic risk of a full math course. In addition, they can also be used to remove a block from re-taking a course or to waive a course prerequisite. Math 15 courses are customized for self-learning. The learning is delivered online through 
aleks, students are required to purchase an aleks access code. Math 15 courses have no prerequisite, can be taken simultaneously with other math classes, and can be re-taken several times.


Free tutoring is provided to all students registered for a Math class at City College.

Bring your student photo ID card (CSID) and a tutorial referral code to the Math Center to receive walk-in tutoring during hours of operation.

Your CSID is required at all times to use the Math Center.