On-Campus Structured Self-learning

On-campus structured Self-learning Courses - Math 38, 46, 96

The Math Center offers courses that are semi self-paced, and computer-based, with an extended time frame and an independent-learning mode. Students taking these courses have some flexibility in planning their on-campus attendance around their personal schedule, but must attend a minimum number of hours on campus on a weekly basis to maintain good attendance standing. Students must also stay on track in the course work to maintain good progress standing throughout the course. While in the Math Center, students are able to progress in their course with the aid of online learning resources, periodic small-group review sessions, and on-the-fly support from out Math Center tutors and guest professors. The current on-campus Math Center course offerings are as follows:

CourseCRN Semester
Math 15A
Fall 2015
Math 15B
Fall 2015
Math 15B
Fall 2015
Math 15C Fall 2015 


All Math Center students must meet the required number of Math Center attendance hours. The minimum weekly on-campus attendance requirement is 4 hours weekly.


No Materials are required. This program is an on-campus refresher course using customized software at no-charge to students enrolled in the class.

Technology Requirement

Since all of the learning materials are delivered online, it is necessary that you maintain a functional computer and obtain reliable online access.