Enroll online with Reg-E before the class starts. Otherwise, follow these steps to enroll.

On-campus STructured self-learning Courses (Math 38, 46, 96)
Online structured self-learning Refresher Courses Math 15A, 15B, 15C, & 15E
  1. Obtain a picture ID
  2. Email Professor Young for an ADD CODE.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire
  4. Register for Math Class using Reg-e
  5. Buy the MyMathLab access code (with or without textbook)
  6. Buy the Math Center Binder Packet at the City Bookstore
  7. Obtain Math Center ID #
  1. Email instructor for an add code (see Contacts)
  2. Register for your Math 15 refresher course
  3. Log on to Blackboard Vista
  4. Read the Syllabus and Orientation
  5. Write down the Course Code from the syllabus
  6. View the orientation
  7. Sign up at the ALEKS website
  8. Purchase an Access Code using the Course Code
  9. Enter Your Access Code