On-campus Structured Self-learning Courses

1. Obtain a picture ID.

Your student ID card is required at all times to use the Math Center. Sorry, students will not be able to check-in/out or use the Math Center without their SDCCD Student ID card. So, please remember to bring your ID card with you every time you come to the Math Center.

2. Attend an orientation.

The orientation will explain how the self-paced courses operate so that you can determine if they will meet your needs. You may view the orientation any time the Math Center is open. Plan to arrive early because late arrivals will not be admitted.

3. Fill out the questionnaire:

Turn it into the supervisor at the end of the orientation presentation, even if you plan to add the class at a later time, or do not plan to take the class at all.

4. Obtain a Math Center add code

If you are not already registered for a math 38, 46, or 96 course, you'll need an add code.

Before you request an add code, make sure that your Math placement level is appropriate for the course you wish to add. If you are going to transfer to a self-paced course before the withdrawal deadline, click here for more information.  Prerequisites are enforced for Math 46 & 96. so, if you attempt to use an add code to register for Math 46 and your math placement level is not M30 or higher, Reg-E will not let you add. For Math 96, you must have a placement level of M40 or higher.

Don't request an add code until you are ready to start, because your attendance requirement starts the day you receive your add code. When you decide you are ready, bring your SDCCD Student ID to the Supervisor for an add code.

5. Register for Math Class

Add the class immediately upon receiving your add code or you may be dropped. Registration computers are available the cafeteria and the Math Center reception area. Click here to access the Reg-e website.

If you registered before the semester started, be sure to check in to the Math Center during the first two weeks of the semester to maintain your enrollment status.

6. Purchase Required Materials

Only the specified required materials will work with the Math Center learning system. You can purchase the material from the City College bookstore or KB books.

7. Obtain a printout of your Math Center class registration

You will need to obtain a printout showing you have registered for a Math Center class before you can start the class.

8. Return to the Math Center and Obtain your Math Center ID#

Bring a printout showing proof of registration in you Math Center class and you CSID card  to obtain your Math Center ID number and to start your class.

9. Read the Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook contains detailed policies and procedures that are too numerous to mention here. It is your complete course syllabus.

Read the Math Center Student Handbook thoroughly!

The student handbook is available on line in course compass or Click here to Download: Student Handbook.

10. Register in Course Compass

Register for your class in course compass immediately and prior to the next attendance check after you receive your add code or you will be dropped from the class.

Remember you must meet the required attendance hours in the Math Center, even if you are working on class outside of the Math Center.

11. Let the learning begin.

The basic learning process is study, take a practice test, use the diagnostic test results to remediate, take a chapter test, then move on to the next chapter. Repeat as necessary.

There are several ways for you to learn the material - read the text and work the margin exercise and chapter exercise sets, watch video lessons, drill and practice with tutorial software, and get help from our tutors, including online help after hours. Try out all the learning resources to see which works best with your preferred learning style.