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"Algebra Resources Galore!"
Algebra Help
Features lessons, calculators to solve problems step-by-step and interactive worksheets. Second link is to their lessons index - pick by subject area.

Algebra Story and Word Problems
Helps with problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics. For all levels.

All Experts
Get any question answered fast. is the oldest and largest Q&A service on the internet. This is the link to the math category.

Ask Dr. Math
Ask your math question or search their archive of answered questions.

Gooru Learning

At Gooru, we envision a world in which the best education content, experts and community come together to provide personalized learning experiences and positive learning outcomes for all students.

Gooru Learing

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We're a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

Arithmetic and pre-algebra



MESA Program

MESA Program
The City College MESA program supports students majoring in science, math, or engineering, and facilitates transfer to a 4 year University.


Purple Math
A very comprehensive site for learning algebra. We’ve included the link to their modules & lessons and the link to their terrific algebra links page, where sites are arranged by category.

Reference of definitions and theorems on abstract algebra.

Stroh Algebra
Mr. Stroh and his math class have put together this math help site. The Algebra Help Page has good offerings. Does require a simple download for some of the pages (the free downloading software is available for Windows users only).

Study Works! Online

West Texas A&M Vitual Math Lab
An excellent site with tutorials on topics from beginning algebra through college algebra. Students in our online courses use these tutorials to supplement the course materials.

Youtube Video Tutorials

SDCity Math Center 
Khan Academy
Youtube has an extensive collection of helpful video tutorials in all different topics of mathematics. Do your own searches for topics or click the links to visit some recommended Youtube channels.

Resources for Students taking Math Assessment test

This section contains links to several resources for students who are preparing to take a math assessment test. You'll find links to sample department final exams, video solutions to the sample finals for Math 46 and 96, and links to a few useful math help sites. Also check the Math Help Links section above for more links.

Sample Finals

Here you have some examples of the Math 38, 46 and 96 final Exam. Click on the link to download and practice. You can also buy printed copies at the City College Bookstore.

Math 38 Final Sample

Math 46 Final Sample

Math 96 Final Sample

Video Solution for the Final Exams Examples.

Use these links to access the video solutions for the Math Final examples.

Math 46 Final Exam Solution

Math 96 Final Exam Solution

Book Author's Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel of Elayn Martin-Gay, the book author, with more than 300 videos with samples.

Elayn Martin-Gay Video Channel


“BIG PICTURE” Approach to Problem Solving

Download Files:

Tutorial Services


Math Tutoring is offered on a first-come first-serve walk-in basis anytime the Math Center is open. Due to the number of students attending the Math Center, tutors are limited to the amount of time they can spend with each student. Remember, tutors are here to help students with a problem or two and to answer questions that a student may have about a particular problem. Tutors are available as a supplement to the other learning resources in the Math Center; they are not available to teach each student the entire course one-on-one.

All Math Center tutorial students will be registered in the Math 44 (tutorial services) class to use the Math Center resources.


Math Center

One of the key resources available to you in the Math Center are workshops. Workshops focus on a variety of topics including dealing with math anxiety, improving study skills, applications of math in various vocations, word problems, fractions, etc. The Counseling Department conducts several workshops each semester on overcoming math anxiety. Other workshops are scheduled as needed.

Math Center students are required to attend at least ten one-hour workshops as part of the course grade. The time spent in the workshops will count toward your attendance. Simply check in at the front desk before attending the workshop.