Dear Students:

I am very excited to announce the availability of our new on-line scholarship application!  In the past, students would print out and fill out the application by hand, and then come to campus in person to turn in the scholarship application in person at the Student Affairs Office in D-106. Almost every year, students would wait until the last minute to fill out the application, and then on the way to the Student Affairs Office they would get caught in traffic, not be able to find the office, etc., and show up with a completed application past the deadline. Today, from your home or any available computer you can submit applications directly to the Student Affairs Scholarships Office. The new application allows you to upload your important documents and essays, and even saves trees! Our fearless webmasters have worked their fingers to the bone to create this great application for our students, so please let us know how we’re doing.

To apply for a scholarship, have all of your information together in one place, and then simply click the link at the right that says SCHOLARSHIP LIST to see the available scholarships for this year. Click a link below the scholarship name to get a description of the scholarship, and additional directions for applying for the scholarship. Note: every scholarship has slightly different instructions. For example, every scholarship has a different essay or statement prompt. Some scholarships want your financial aid information. Others want letters of recommendations. The instruction page tells you what extras you need to have in order to apply. At the bottom of the instructions page you will see another link that says SUBMIT. Once you click that link you will be in the scholarship application where you can enter your information. Remember to submit all of the required information listed in the scholarship instructions for each scholarship.

There are no current scholarship's workshops schedule as of yet but you can access the previous year's PowerPoint presentation under the link to the right that says SCHOLARSHIP WORKSHOP

So many faculty, staff, and community members have donated to our foundation scholarship accounts to support you to attend college, so please take the time right now to look through the scholarship descriptions to find one or more scholarships for which you might qualify.

Need more information about scholarships?

Another place to learn about new scholarships is the Facebook page, sdccscholarships. See the link below and “like” the page to have new scholarships roll through your Facebook stream.

Also, take a look at the SCHOLARSHIPS WEBSITES click to the right to find websites that will help you to do a comprehensive search to find scholarships across the country for which you qualify.

Oliver Mamangun
Scholarships Coordinator
San Diego City College


last updated 2/4/2015