Scholarship Application Tips

  • Make sure that your application is complete and that only required materials are uploaded. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be accepted or weighed heavily against during the verification/selection process. 
  • All documents uploaded should identify you. Don't forget to include your name on everything you submit!
  • Outline essays and personal statements before you begin writing. Please proofread all application materials before submitting them.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation ahead of time. Allow ample time (a few weeks if possible) to have your letters of recommendation completed before the deadline.
  • Deadline: Please pay attention to deadlines posted on all scholarships. Turning in a late application will harm your ability to get the scholarship and could result in wasted effort for you and the scholarship committee.

Scholarships awarded based on academic major, career objective and special interest.

Good Candidates for Scholarships:

  1. Students who have a history of high achievement and commitment to educational goals
  2. Students who have a recent or renewed commitment to academic achievement.