Transfer Admission Guarantee Programs(TAG)


The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program allows eligible San Diego Community College District students guaranteed acceptance to one of seven participating UC campus. Participating UC campuses are: Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz.

Starting Fall 2010 students MUST go online to create their Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) with the UC system.

UC TAG Eligibility

UC TAG Criteria
UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Application (PDF)


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San Diego State University also offers a guaranteed admission to local students. At San Diego City College students are not required to sign the agreement form. Students interested in this agreement should review the following. SDSU TAG (pdf)

Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T & AS-T)
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The Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or the Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students who complete an AA-T or AS-T degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system. Admission to a particular campus or major is not guaranteed; however, AA-T/AS-T students receive priority admission consideration.

Students transferring to a CSU campus that accepts the AA-T or AS-T will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor's degree (unless the major is a designated "high-unit" major). This degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to university or college that is not part of the CSU system. Students should consult a counselor for assistance with an education plan, identifying similar majors at the CSU campuses, and for additional information about admission requirements.

The following is required for all AA-T and AS-T degrees:

  • Minimum of 60 CSU-transferable semester units.
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework. While a minimum of 2.0 is required for admission, some majors may require a higher GPA. Please consult with a counselor for more information.
  • Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in an “AA-T” or “AS-T” major (click the major name below for required courses). All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of C or better or a “P” if the course is taken on a “pass-no pass” basis. 
  • Certified completion of the California State University General Education-Breadth pattern
  • (CSU GE); OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).

San Diego City offer the following degrees:
Communication Studies
Political Science
Theater Arts
Additional degrees are being developed and will be updated here as they are finalized. For more information check out: