Transfer Success Workshops

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Name: Dominique Dupree
Major: Psychology
Transfer School: San Diego State University
Transfer Success Advice: "The Transfer/Career Center It is the heart of San Diego City College. As a former City College student, the Transfer center has been an integral part of my city college experience and transition to SDSU. Also consistency and hard work are two major ingredients for pursuing and achieving one's goals."

Name: Sydney Barnett
Major/Degree: Film Studies and Sociology (double major) 
Transfer School: UC Berkeley
Transfer Success Advice: "Don’t be scared to dream big and make plans, and more importantly don’t be scared to deviate from them. I made the plan to go to Berkeley, really not ever thinking it would happen, and being perfectly ok with it not happening, and it happened! Being a full-time student isn’t easy but even if you can only take a few classes a semester, you will grow from it.”

Name: Tanairi Romano
Major/Degree: Urban Studies
Transfer School: SDSU
Transfer Success Advice: “Like everyone I’ve had my struggles, and have overcome them. It depends on the choices we make.”

Name: Carina Mejia
Major/Degree: Women's Studies
Transfer School: SDSU
Transfer Success Advice: “Transferring was not in my educational plan at all, but here I am accepted into San Diego State University, about to begin working on a BA. I was very nervous to start school again, but once I attended class I really enjoyed the experience. My goal was to just receive the AODS certificate, but with that done, and the time I spent as a full time student I added the Mental Health Work certificate to my ed plan. With that done, I thought, why not get my AA in Behavioral Science, and so I did! Now I can’t stop! My two beautiful daughters mean the world to me, they see me go to school every day and I know that I am setting a good example by showing and proving to them that education is very important. Being a positive role model not only for my children but to others around me gives me hope, encouragement, and motivation. I can actually feel proud of myself and all the hard work I have put towards my education."

Name: Josh Wessling
Major/Degree: BFA - Art, Illustration, Animation
Transfer School: San Jose State University
Transfer Success Advice: "Spend some quality time really thinking about what you want and learn how to advocate for yourself to get it! I wasted a lot of opportunities and experiences just going through the motions, not really knowing how to get what I wanted. I had no idea what was going on until I looked hard at what I wanted and realized nobody is just going to read my mind and hand it to me. College is confusing enough without the ego overcomplicating it. Learn how to ask the stupid questions to get to the right answers.”

Name: Carl Schy
Major/Degree: Photography/Liberal Arts
Transfer School: SDSU
Transfer Success Advice: “I have been going to school slowly for so many years that I should have my Doctorate by now, but those one or two classes a semester will add up. And before you know it with the right plan you too could be transferring! It might sound corny but no matter what bad things might happen to you, do not ever stop going.”

Name: Jeremy Fieger
Major/Degree: Psychology
Transfer School: CSU Long Beach
Transfer Success Advice: “I didn’t graduate from high school…now that I am about to transfer to a University and continue my journey in psychology, I am so amazed that any of this was even possible and am excited for the future. Follow your own path, and don't be afraid to work hard for the things you want. Don't let your age or where you've been in the past stop you from taking control of your future."

Name: Connie Nuñez
Major/Degree: Social Work
Transfer School: Humboldt State University
Transfer Success Advice: “What I will miss most about City is the people. You get to know the students and professors in your classes, and it creates a close-knit group. Keep going! Don’t give up and continue striving no matter what or how long it takes. You can do it!”