The following resources provide information and tips for building the skills you need to achieve your academic goals. We hope you will make use of them.

TI-83 Plus Guidebook
Instruction guide on how to use TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

TI-84 Guidebook
Instruction guide on how to use TI-84 Graphing Calculator

Math Worksheets

Biology Resources



Cellular Respiration



Wigger's Diagram

(Khan Academy does not have a video on this.)

Wolfram Alpha

This site provides resources for computing such as solving equations, evaluating integrals, etc, as well as other resources.

Algebra Summary Sheet
This sheet contains formulas and equations used in algebra classes and beyond.

Trigonometry Summary Sheet
This sheet contains formulas, identities often used in trigonometry.

Calculus Summary sheet
This sheet contains common derivatives, integrals and other formulas often used in calculus classes.

General Study Skills

Khan Academy

This site provides educational videos on various topics & practice exercises. Here are the links to some math topics:

Paul's Online Notes

Provides very useful notes and tutorials on algebra, calculus, and differential equations.  The Cheat Sheets & Tables section provides useful worksheets such as common algebra formulas, the unit circle, and calculus formulas.

The Power of Stories by Susan Weinschenk

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