Engineering Technology Mecomtronics

Program Description

MECOMTRONICS (MEchanics + COMputers + Telecommunications + elecTRONICS) is defined as an Engineering Technology discipline that combines the areas of mechanical and electronics technology, and computer hardware and software systems. This discipline has been created to respond to the specialized demands for the multifunctional engineering technician. MECOMTRONICS technicians are prepared with the knowledge and skills to work in a technologically diversified business environment. These technicians will be able to participate on a team to specify, trouble-shoot, develop, design, and prepare for production of cost-efficient, state-of-the-art products which can compete for value in a global economy.


R & D technician, electronics technician, engineer-intraining

Program Emphasis

The MECOMTRONICS curriculum is based on integrated technical and core (English, Math and Physics) competencies, and it emphasizes project based learning using a just-in-time instructional delivery. Students will work in teams to learn concepts, solve problems and make discoveries in a workplace-related environment. Students will use traditional, as well as on-line electronics resources and industry supplied data as sources of information.