Learning Communities


San Diego City College Learning Communities - also known as  Student Success Pathways, are an extraordinary learning experience!

Learning Communities combine classes that complement each other and offer students an opportunity for a richer learning experience. The Learning Community classes are linked with a common theme, shared goals and activities. With the same group of students enrolled in the Learning Community classes, students and professors enjoy closer relationships and learning experiences. Learning Community Programs are also offered with an emphasis on first-year students, Chicano/Latina literature and culture, and African-American culture and experience.

In a Learning Community the same group of students enroll together in two or more classes.  Although these classes are often from different disciplines, they are taught by a team of innovative and dedicated professors who plan their courses around a common theme.  In addition, community projects and group experiences focus on an understanding of respect and diversity.

City College has many unique  Student Success Pathways - Learning Communities to choose from!

Statistics show that Learning Community participants achieve higher grades and are better prepared for transfer to four-year universities.

Join a Learning Community and be part of a FUN and rewarding learning experience!