English 13A - Academic Writing Skills

Experience our new English supplemental course - a one-unit, Pass/No Pass class providing additional instructional support for ALL writing assignments from ANY discipline across the curriculum.

  • Attend lessons each week
  • Participate in a variety of workshops
  • Work with tutors on any writing assignment
  • 2.5 hour weekly time commitment

Instructor Contact

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Course information

What is English 13A?

English 13A is a one-unit, self-paced supplemental English review class offered to all students who need help in writing assignments for their current courses. Students receive a grade of Pass or No Pass based on a two and a half hour minimum weekly time-on-task commitment.

One requirement for the class is to attend workshops hosted by the English Center. To see a current schedule of workshop offerings, click the link below:

Live Workshops

Tutorial assistance is available through the English Center tutorial staff to aide students in better understanding the course material presented in their courses.