First Year Experience Services

The First Year Services (FYS) office provides support to all students who are in their first year at San Diego City College. After applying to City College, all new students are required to contact the assessment office to schedule their mandatory Math and English assessments, and first semester education plan sessions.

Mission and Goal

The main goal of First Year Services is to ensure that all First-Time to College students experience a smooth transition from High School to College. During their first year, students will receive the support needed to become self-sufficient and complete their first year successfully. This support consists of technicians, counselors and peer mentors, as well as specialized workshops and events. Along with the support and resources provided to our students, we hope to cultivate confidence and structure for their first year. With the end goal for them to carry these values throughout their beginning years of college onto graduation.”

FAQ First Year Student

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I benefit from participating in first year experience services?
  2. What is the difference between New Student Orientation and Student Success Day
  3. Am I eligible for First Year Services?
  4. What is the purpose of the First Year Services Office?
  5. How do I apply for first year Services?
  6. I am a first time college student, do I have to attend a New Student Orientation?

How can I benefit from participating in first year experience services?

Answer: All new students can benefit from First Year Services. As stated in the mission statement, our goal is to increase student success and support students throughout their first year at college.  All we require is your full commitment to your education. Additionally, if you fully participate in first year student success activities(you will receive notice of these during the semesters), and are open to the assistance we will provide you, we can almost guarantee that your first year experience at San Diego City College will be memorable and academically successful. When a student chooses San Diego City College to begin their academic career, the First Year Services Office tries to ensure that that student's first year navigation of the college system, is a seamless and underwhelming process.  The career counselors, professors, peer mentors and First Year Office staff are committed to serving you.


What is the difference between New Student Orientation and Student Success Day

Answer: Student Success Day is a day of activity, workshops and new student orientation for those first year students who met a specific criteria identified by the college.  At Student Success Day those students who attend will get the offer of early registration, i.e. they get to select courses before most students.  This is done with the assistance of their personal career counselor. This privilege, however, is not available unless the student have first been identified by the college as a student who needs to attend student success day, has completed both English and math assessments, and have completed their Financial  Aid application, if applicable.  For more information, students may contact the First Year Services Office at 619-388-3998.


Am I eligible for First Year Services?

Answer: All new students are eligible for First Year Services. However, some students, based on their application to City College, may qualify for some additional services, such as early registration and year long specialized attention in the form of their own personal career counselor, peer mentor and tutors. Students who qualify for those additional benefits will receive an invitation to Student Success Day.


What is the purpose of the First Year Services Office?

Answer: The First Year Services Office welcomes new students to San Diego City College. It is our intent to form a partnership with new students, to help them maintain their motivation levels, become engaged in campus life, and to successfully complete his/her first year of college. Some first year students may qualify for the following benefits such as a personal career counselor, early registration, peer mentoring, access to some learning community and accelerated courses etc.. Those students will be required(mandatory ) to attend  student success workshops designed to increase their knowledge about the campus and what it take to be a successful college students. Other first year students, depending on their identified goals, will still receive invitations to the student success workshops, and invitations to participate in on campus first year student activities, as well as be encouraged to participate in tours and visits to different four year universities.


How do I apply for first year Services?


  • Complete a City College admissions application.
  • Take the English and Math assessments and complete your financial application if applicable.
  • You will then be welcomed by the First Year Services office and will be provided information regarding New Student Orientation or Student Success Day.

I am a first time college student, do I have to attend a New Student Orientation

Answer: Yes, all new students must attend a new student orientation. New student orientation provides significant details about the college and the programs we offer at San Diego City College. Most importantly, new students seeking assistance for their first semester class planning will only be allowed to meet with a counselor at a New Student Orientation Education planning session. Prior to the start of fall, all new fall applicants can attend a New Student Orientations from June, through early August. Those new students who are invited to Student Success Day do not need to sign up for a regular new student orientation since they will receive a New Student Orientation session during Student Success Day.

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