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Office of Student Services

Students in LobbyThe San Diego City College Office of Student Services oversees, and is committed to providing an array of comprehensive programs and services that support the recruitment, retention, transition and academic success of City College students. In collaboration with our instructional colleagues, the Office of Student Services provides a holistic student-centered environment that bridges coursework to transfer objectives and 21st century career goals. We are further committed to ensuring that our student support services represent the diverse needs and broad interests of our campus populations and the larger San Diego community.

Our Mission

San Diego City College Office of Student Services mission is to inspire, empower and support our students to excel in their intellectual, social, and cultural development to enhance student goal completion.


Administrative Learning Outcomes

Outcome: CQI for Planning

The Vice President of Student Services provides leadership and support to promote program review and other tools for planning and evaluation to ensure continuous, quality improvement for all areas in student services by working actively with faculty, staff and students to work with their units

Outcome: Applying for grants and resources in Student Services

The Vice President of Student Services will encourage student services unit to seek responsible, alternative funding and innovation to promote budget efficiencies to meet student services objective.

Outcome: Professional Development Training

The Student Services Vice President provides leadership to ensure that staff participates in professional development activities to improve the quality of services to promote student success with a focus on equity, and student success


The Student Services Vice President will provide leadership and focus through planning and support, focused on student access, success and equity in the Student Services to increase student outcomes.

Contact Us:

Vice President of Student Services
Marciano Perez Jr.
Phone (619) 388-3498

Administrative Secretary
Desiree van Saanen
Phone (619) 388-3464

Location: Room: A-222

Remote Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm


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