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Please note:  Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases from the omicron variant, we will be providing remote services only until Feb. 22.  Please check back for any updates.

Welcome to the Counseling & Personal Growth Department

We are ready to assist you with all your academic, career, transfer, and personal counseling needs.  To reach our department staff for department related questions, please call (619) 894-6118 during business hours Monday to Thursday 8:00am- 4:30pm and Friday 8:00am- 3:00pm or email

Click here for more information on how you can be Campus Ready.  Your Covid-19 vaccination status must be cleared in order to receive any in-person counseling services. 



After you apply for admission, and are assigned a student ID number, your next step is to complete the New Student Educational Planning Workshop on Canvas.  Visit the Counseling Workshops webpage link on the left side menu bar for more information.

Connect with a Counselor

Counselors are available for virtual drop-in sessions, e-appointments, and via email.  For more information on how to connect with a counselor, please visit our Online Counseling website.   

Prepare for your appointment

Have a list of questions ready to make sure we cover all the information you need during your session.

To help you generate questions for your appointment and start thinking ahead about your career, we encourage you to review the academic and career resources available to you:


Helpful links and videos:


**We appreciate your patience and understanding 

as we continue to provide robust remote services.** 



Department Student Learning Outcomes:

  • We will empower students to maximize their priority enrollment. Students will gain knowledge of the benefits of being fully matriculated.
  • We will empower students with knowledge of campus resources.
  • We will empower students by clarifying their career goal.
  • We will provide a user friendly system and process to serve student needs.