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Seeds@City Urban Farm

HarvestSeeds@City Urban Farm is both a vegetable/fruit production farm and the outdoor laboratory for the sustainable agriculture program. All agriculture courses at City College spend time applying theoretical skills learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios at the farm.

The farm is comprised of 4 different campus locations - totalling 1 acre of growing space. The sites include:

  • The Main Farm Site (near the Saville Theater)
  • The Orchard Site (behind the Harry West Gym)
  • The "S" Beds (in front of the S building)
  • Rooftop Greenhouse (T-building)

The farm offers students and campus community members the opportunity to learn about sustainable food production in a hands-on, community oriented environment. 



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Additional article on League for Innovation in the Community College: Sowing the Seeds of Success at San Diego City College 

See the farm featured on PBS Inside California Education (farm segment starts at 20:14)

What's growing on the farm?

The Main Farm and Orchard both consist of vegetable production and fruit production areas. Vegetables would include everything from broccoli to tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. Both sites have established fruit trees producing fruits such as peaches, apples, mulberries, figs and more. All produce is grown using organic preferred methods and the hard work of students.

How to be involved

Take a classFarm manager

Take one of the many agriculture courses! In Spring 2024 the Agriculture program is offering Principles of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Urban Agriculture Practices, Introduction to Fruit Tree Management, Drip Irrigation Basics, Introduction to Soil Science, and Introduction to Agricultural Plant Science (AGRI 100, 102, 110, 116, 125, 107). 


Service Learning is offered Monday - Thursday during the academic year. Times vary by semester, but are always two hour blocks. Volunteers are expected to arrive on time, stay for duration of the service learning time block, and be active, postive contributors to the farm community. All participants must be SDCCD students. Contact Erin McConnell at for current volunteer hours and details on volunteering. 

Purchase Produce

Currently produce is sold from the Main Farm Site every Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 PM (or until we sell out).

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Group planting seeds 

Need more info?

For Seeds@City Farm contact:
Erin McConnell at

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