Welcome to Photography!

In our photography program you will work in some of the best darkrooms, studios, and labs in the country.  Film or digital, fine art or commercial, our goal is to prepare you for the real world of earning a living with your camera... or just enjoy a really great hobby. 

We offer courses in black and white, digital imaging, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, studio lighting, portraiture, website creation, and much, much more.

The Certificate of Achievement and the Associate of Arts degree are designed for students seeking employment in the photography field. We also offer Certificates in Freelance Photography, Commercial Photography, Black & White Darkroom Photography, Digital Imaging, Studio Photography, and Fine Art Photography.

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Career Options

While this list is not all-inclusive, here are some careers require education beyond the associate degree: Advertising photographer

Commercial photographer

Fashion photographer

Food photographer

Editorial photographer/journalist

Industrial photographer

Portrait/wedding photographer,

Photo researcher

Photographic artist

Photographic printer

Photography instructor

Photo laboratory technician

Stock photographer


Photography Transfer Information

Common university majors related to the field of Photography include:

Art, Art and Design, Art Photography, Communication, Film and Electronic Arts, Photography, Visual and Public Arts.

Course Requirements for Transfer Students

Students who plan to transfer to a four year college or university and earn a bachelor's degree in this discipline should consult with a counselor or visit the Transfer/Career Center to determine the appropriate major preparation courses for their specific transfer institution and major. Transfer students may also earn an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with an emphasis. This degree may be individually tailored to each student's specific transfer requirements in order to provide the most efficient path to transfer. More information on transfer programs and procedures is available in the Transfer Programs section of the catalog.



Dave Eichinger, Professor

Contact: deiching@sdccd.edu

Beginning and Intermediate B&W, Portraiture, Lighting, Infrared, Toy Camera, Composition, and more. 

I chose photographic education as my intended career path when I was 16. My high school photography teacher obviously lit a fire within me and I am forever grateful. Bachelor's and Master's degrees from CSULB plus over 50 units from UCLA, UCSC, OCC, and others. I have been teaching photography since 1980.

I began shooting portraits and weddings when I was 19, a mere freshman in college.  I freelanced throughout college until I began teaching full time. While teaching, I have freelanced doing commercial work, weddings, and more.

I've lived most of my life in SoCal (L.A. county) before moving to San Diego.  My personal photography is primarily B&W, and I have a special affinity for infrared (film and digital) along with toy cameras / pinhole cameras.  When I'm not at City College, I like to travel with my cameras (Iceland, Europe, the U.K.), and other favorite pastimes include biking, hanging out with family, friends, and ‘old' students, as well as trying every new restaurant I can find time for.  My other favorite "hobby" involves anything chocolate… especially if an affogato is on the menu.
My website: http://eichfoto.com
My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eich_lux.phun


David King, Professor

Contact: dking@sdccd.edu

Beginning and Advanced Digital Photography, Portraiture, Lighting, Landscape Photography, Special Techniques (Macro, HDR, 3D, Mosaics & Panoramas, etc.)

Attended: Kansas City Art Institute (Painting) University of Denver School of Art (Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture) Colorado State University (Commercial Art) University of Denver Grad School (Printmaking and Photography) Western States College of Law (Law).

Trained in the Fine Arts he migrated to Photography as his primary medium during the military 1966-1970. An award winning Professional Commercial and Portrait Photographer, Video/Motion Film writer-producer-director from 1970 to current, he has run his own production company and worked for a wide range of industries and Fortune 100 companies in law enforcement, banking, mining, energy, others from New York to California. He is a judge at the San Diego Fair's International Exhibition of Photography, a member of the Panel of Digital Experts, and a member of the Digital DNA Forum chaired by Art Center in Pasadena. He also offers seminars & workshops on various photographic topics. He has been teaching at City College from 2000 to the present.

Enough about him to put an insomniac into a stupor is found in his personal website: www.ndavidking.com

Award winning instructional designer and training writer-producer, produced award winning family feature film.  A Colorado native in love with the mountains and back country, he still tries to take every opportunity to grab cameras and head out of town. Photography and image making was his occupation and also provides his enjoyment and entertainment.


Photography Success Stories

Lyndsey Best   http://www.lindseybest.com

Bryce Johnson   http://www.brycejohnson.com

Ashley DuChene   http://www.ashleyduchene.com

Walter Wilson   http://www.walterwilsonstudios.com

Nicky Ollerton   http://www.nickyalexandria.com

Stephanie Fong   http://www.stephaniefongphotography.com 

Rebecca Joelson   http://www.rebeccajoelson.com

Krisnoff Padua   http://www.krisnoff.com

Edward Honaker   http://www.edwardhonaker.com

Mike Chao  http://www.michaelchaophoto.com 

Jennifer Magallon  http://jmagphotography.com

Nicole Espina   http://www.nicoleespinaphotography.com

Jason Reimer   http://www.jasonpaulreimer.com

Lynette McCarthy   http://www.lynettemccarthy.com

Ann Le  http://www.annle.net

Michael Chao   http://www.michaelchaophoto.com 

Wilmar Flores   http://www.wilmarflores.com

Ashlee Hayden   http://ashleehaydenphoto.com

Monica Carswell   http://www.monicacarswell.com

Natalia McKevitt   http://www.nataliamckevittphotography.com

Alan Hickey   http://www.hickeyphoto.com

Renata Spenelli   http://renata-spinelli.blogspot.com

Blake Freechtle   http://www.blakefreechtle.com

Ferdie Morales   http://www.ferdiemorales.com

Tatum Kathleen   http://www.tatumkathleenphotography.com

Abi Janus   http://www.abigailjanusphotography.com

Kent Mecurio   http://www.kentmercurio.com

Rene Salvador   http://www.renesalvador.com

Claire Schneider   http://www.claireschneider.com

Danny Suhendar   http://dannysuhendar.com

Terri Rippee   http://www.rippeephoto.com

Jair Flores   http://www.jairflores.com

Sunny Reed   http://www.spiritofnaturephoto.com

Cariely Benitez   http://www.carielybenitez.com

Riikka Kylaheiko   http://kylaheiko.net

Ruvi Leider   http://www.ruvileider.com


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