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Mission Statement

The Mathematics Department at San Diego City College strives to provide a learner-centered environment where students can develop and become practitioners of mathematics.  We emphasize the development of quantitative analysis and critical thinking, preparing students to become life-long scholars, to contribute to the global community as independent and informed thinkers and professionals.

Program Description and Emphasis

Mathematics is the study of numbers, structures, and associated relationships using rigorously defined literal, numerical and operational symbols. Given certain conditions about systems of numbers or other structures, mathematicians derive conclusions based on logical arguments. Basic mathematical skills enable a person to solve numerical problems encountered in daily life, and more advanced skills have numerous applications in the physical, social, and life sciences. Successful completion of a mathematics degree will develop competence in mathematics through differential and integral calculus, providing an adequate background for employment in many technological and scientific areas. Furthermore, it provides a firm foundation for students planning to study mathematics, engineering, economics, computer science, physical, or life sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  • Analyze, mode, and clearly and effectively communicate a solution to a math problem.
  • Apply mathematical skills to solve and accurately describe their process for real-world problems relevant to their major.
  • Solve routine mathematical problems using proper mathematical notation, in muliple ways if applicable.
  • Apply technology to enhance mathematical thinking and understanding and to solve mathematical problems.

Challenge Process

For students that wish to challenge their current MATH Milestone number (M30/M40/M50), click here for more information regarding the Petition to Challenge Process.

Petition filing deadlines (FALL 2023)

  • Courses that start on 08/21/23: Friday 08/04/23, 11:59PM PST
  • Courses that start on 09/18/23: Friday 09/01/23, 11:59PM PST
  • Courses that start on 10/16/23: Friday 09/29/23, 11:59PM PST

NEW: MATH Pathways and Course Information (Effective: FALL 2023)

To see the various math course sequences: click here.

Note:  These documents provide an overview of the various pathways.  Course sequencing may vary based upon intended major and transfer institution. 


Click here to access catalog descriptions to our courses.

Looking for information on the course you were recommended to take? 

Click here to see course descriptions, including background requisite knowledge needed for your course.

Name Office Office Phone Email
Carlos de la Lama MS-340B 619.388.3362
Nick Slinglend, Co-Chair MS-336 619.388.3178
Paul Young, Co-Chair MS-334 619.388.3251
Rebecca Wheelock L-208C 619.388.3583 
Clara Mateo MS-332 619.388.3646
Misael Camarena MS-333 619.388.3637
Tracey Kiser MS-338 619.388.3583
Brenda Long MS-332 619.388.3185
Theresa Gallo MS-337 619.388.3350
Christopher Godbout MS-333 619.388.3546
Lan Hong MS-331 619.388.3351
Jenny Kimm MS-337 619.388.3638
Drazen Petrovic MS-338 619.338.3252
Manfred Smith MS-335 619.388.3352
Roberto Rubalcaba MS-331 619.388.3639

Name Email Address
Farhad Assaderaghi

Mohamed Benbournane 

Brian Carter 

Burak Cebecioglu 

Michael George 

Wesley Ha 

Shani Halperin

George Jessup

Jayne Keller

Todor Kitchev

Jaime Lao 

Philip Lau 

Kirsten Lollis 

Andrew Medin 

Tabitha Murray 

Jessica Perez

Virginia Phillips 

Victoria Phung 

Mital Shah 

Christina Snow 

Lawrence Terbell 

Mai On-Thai 

Jason Thoma

Tam Tran

Eddie Villanueva 

Franz Wrasidlo